Sunday, May 24, 2015

Entry Table Redesign

This morning, I decided to redesign the entry table.

This is the before.

Too many patterns going on!!  Not at all pleasing to the eye.

First I removed everything that was on the table.

Then I went through some of my thrifty linens I have bought over the last few years at thrift and consignment shops.

I chose the one with the pink tulips.  It has such a bright summery look.  I folded it into a 'runner' size, and draped it over the table.  Then I added items from other rooms, (shopped the house).

This is the OLD table that belonged to my grandmother who passed away about 59 years ago, so it is really old. It was one of my first chalk paint/dark wax projects, and I still like it like this.

By folding the table cloth into a runner, it allows part of the old table to be seen, and gives a cottage look.

I added the small lamp that belonged to my MIL to the table.  I love this lamp wherever I use it.  

The lantern/house was bought at Kirkland's with a gift certificate from my daughter.  It was originally green, but a couple of years ago, I painted it white.  It holds a pillar candle.

The tiny hydrangea was a yard sale find for a dime.

I folded the tablecloth so that the striped border would be to the front.  I really like how the border is different from the center of the cloth.

I like this vignette much better than the previous one.

The aqua paper rose at the top of the lamp is a stick-on I found at Michael's in a package of 6 in their $1.50 bins.

This display is much more pleasing to the eye, and gives off a more welcoming, warm vibe.

I think I will use this for a while.  But we will see.  Y'all know I change things all the time.

Proving once again, that you can get a nice display for little to no money.  Nothing here cost me except the dime flower pot, and the table cloth which cost $2.50.  Neat, huh?

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Friday, May 22, 2015

Shopping at Home Goods

My hubby and I decided to take a day trip and go to a unique food store about 60 miles from us.

Well, on the way I decided I would like to go to a Home Goods Store, not very far from the food store.  So we did.  I honestly, could have stayed in there all day.  It was in the building with TJ Maxx.  I didn't even look at the clothing, the home items, kept me mesmerized for quite a while.

I did good though, I only bought two items for about $14.00.  Next time I go, I don't plan to be so good!!  :)

Here is what I bought.  This sweet wood box with rope handles, and this wonderful chalk rooster that looks like it has rust spots!  Isn't it neat?  I liked the size of it, and the unique look.  I've gotten rid of some of my rooster things, but couldn't resist this one.  It would look good outside too.

Using the box and rooster, I made a pretty vignette for the coffee table.

They had these boxes in different sizes and several colors.  This one was only around $5.00, and I love the size of it.  It works great on the coffee table.

Do you shop at *Home Goods?  I can't wait to go back!  *(not an affiliate)

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Makin' a Big Ole Rag Quilt

Y'all may remember my recent try at making a rag quilt. I made a small one, and really learned quite a lot during the process.  So I figured it was time to try my hand at a larger one.  I did it in about a day and a half.  

Here's my small quilt.

I purchased quilting squares that were 18x21.  They came in packages and I bought them at Wal Mart.  I liked working with this size because each fabric square makes 2 blocks, 9 x 10.5 inches.   I learned from my first try that I wanted to make the next quilt with larger squares than the 5x5 inches.

I used 2 packages of the 18x21 squares, about a yard of fabric I had in my stash, about 1/2 roll of polyester batting (which I hate), and a few single pieces of the 18x21 fabric squares that I bought separately off the clearance section for .73 each.  I spent about $35.00 (estimate) for this quilt, and it will fit a full bed, and lay nicely on top of a queen. 

I made this quilt so that the top and bottom squares are the same.  

Here it is on top of a king size bed, so it obviously isn't big enough for a king size, but could be easily enlarged if needed.

The patterned fabric is called Batik.  

Here are the steps I used to make this quilt.  It is simple, and a quilt as you go project.
How To:

First, unfold your fabric squares, and iron them flat. Then fold in half across, and iron a crease, and fold again, and iron a crease.  This gives you a guide for cutting.

I used a self-healing mat and a rotary cutter. 

2. After ironing several pieces, I unfolded the last fold I made, and used the cutter to cut the pieces in half. Then I would unfold those pieces and stack them so the creases were in the center, and make another cut.  That way there was only 2 cuts made to each piece, and by stacking them, it makes really quick work of getting the squares cut.  I made my squares 9x10.5 inches, so there would be no waste.  This worked out really well.

3. Roll out your batting and cut squares to go between the fabric squares.  I cut mine roughly 8x9 inches. Some were larger, some smaller.....not a big deal.

4. Build "sandwiches" by placing batting between 2 squares of fabric, front side facing outward on both squares, with the batting between.  Pin these sandwiches together.  I made all the fabric sandwiches prior to starting sewing.

5. Once the sandwiches are made, place a stack near your sewing machine, and start sewing them by stitching an "X" on them.  This is the "quilting", and the only design I sewed on the squares.

Once you have all the squares sewn with an X, you are ready to start sewing them together to make a quilt.  

6. I laid my squares out on the floor before sewing, so I could arrange them in a manner that I liked.  That way, you can control where the squares end up, and not have two of the same beside each other.

7. To sew them together, gather up one row of squares from your "layout", and sew them so that the edge faces upward.  (see below)

8. Continue sewing the squares together until you complete all the rows.  I sewed 8 squares per row, and have 8 rows.  You can choose to make any size you wish, and also make the squares any size you like.

9. Once you have all the rows sewn, you sew them together with the edges up as you did to make the rows.

10.  Once all the rows are sewn together, stitch around all 4 sides of the quilt.

11.  The final step in making the quilt is to clip all the seams that are facing upward.  Be careful not to cut through the stitches that holds the quilt/squares together. Next, launder the quilt.  This is what makes it soft and "raggy".  The quilt above has been laundered.  See how soft it looks?

That is all you do to make a rag quilt.  Like I said, on this one, I worked all day yesterday, and about 5 hours today to complete.

Go ahead, make you one!  They are fun quilts, don't require lots of skill to make. (Believe me!)  

The lower right corner shows the back. gonna make one??

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Furniture Rearrange at Lake House

One of the easiest ways to change the look of a room is to rearrange the furniture.  I shuffled some tables between the bedrooms, and doing so, left a nice size place in the master for adding a chair.  So the husband and I got moving!

Living room (before)

I never liked the way the red chair sat in front of the sofa, but it was a straight view to the tv for my husband, so it's been that way for some time, and with the love seat turned at this angle, it made the area seem smaller.

Here is the area toward the door.  It was ok, but we decided it was time for a change, and the wing back chair would fit perfectly in the corner in the bedroom.

See, it works perfectly in this corner!

Living room (AFTER)

The room feels more open without the wingback chair, so we will leave it like this for a while.  

The coffee and end tables we use are old, and may be getting a makeover soon.  I'll share if I change them.

So there you have the before and after of the living room at the lake house.

Easy change!

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