Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Curtain Panels for Pennies, literally

I recently shared with you how I found all this fabric at Good Will on Senior discount day, and paid less than $6 for all this.

Notice the three off-white pieces at the bottom of this stack. Combined, there was enough of this to make 8 curtain panels for our bedroom.  I have already used the blue/burgundy/rose fabric in the center to make a slipcover for a chair. (below)

There was less than a half yard of scraps when I finished the panels. I could use those scraps and make tie-backs. Someone had started a project using this fabric. It had masking tape on areas that were folded down.  It all came off fairly easy, and I was able to make it work.  I'm not sure what the makeup of the fabric is; it has a stretchy feel, a canvas/denim look and texture.

 (please excuse the lighting in these photos, it was cloudy and raining when they were taken).
Our master adjoins the sun room through the french doors shown above.  I used sheers there as well,  for added privacy.

This is my husband's grandmother's rocker.  I covered the bottom with a piece of the linen fabric.

Out of the fabric I purchased, there is a large linen piece in off-white that I will be using as a table cloth once I hem it.  I got 2 nice size runners from the lot as well.

Since I was working in the bedroom, I redecorated the top of the armoire.

The frame on this picture isn't a frame at all.  It was part of a window that had fallen to the floor when we found my grandmother's old house some time back.  You can see that here.  This piece was laying on the floor, so I "borrowed" it in order to have a piece of her house.  It fit this print perfectly.  It has no glass, but that doesn't bother me at all.  My grandfather built their house in the late 1800's or early 1900's, and although it is in major disrepair, parts of it are still standing.

I think you will agree that I certainly got my money's worth out of the fabric.  I'll share the other pieces once I get them made into projects.

If you use remnants of fabric for your projects, check out your Good Will for great bargains.  When you have so little invested in your projects, it's not a problem to get rid of them when you want a change.

Happy bargain-hunting!!

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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Cast Iron Wash Pot


This old black wash pot was my mother's. She had many uses for it, and it sat outside under a pine tree for many years. She used it to cook large amounts of food to freeze, and it had been used for things like washing clothes years before.  A fire would be built and the pot was placed on the fire. I'm not sure, but it may have belonged to my grandmother before it came to us.  I'm sure it's at least 100 years old, I know for sure it's 64, because I am, and I remember it always being there.  At any rate, it has set in my basement for a number of years, and I decided it was time to bring it out and enjoy it.  At my old house it hung on a wooden frame and I filled it with flowers in the summer.  My husband helped me get it to the front of the house yesterday, and we filled it with plants-red fountain grass, dianthus, and sweet potato vines. That's lantana in the 2 small concrete pots. It sits in this small area between the front porch and the stoop going into the mud room.

Old Wash Pot

I think it will look really pretty once the plants mature some.  I'm hoping the sweet potato vine will spill over the sides.

 dianthus, sweet potato vine

 hosta, periwinkle

This spiky plant sat outside over the winter.  I had no idea it would live, and it looks a little worse for the wear.  I think I will replace the soil and see if that will help.

 front porch (french doors go into a bedroom, used as an office/sewing room)

 I'm still using the spring wreath I made.  I like the yellow with the new door color. 

I've spent a bit of time this week on the bench we made last weekend.

We watched the neighbor's cows graze as we had our coffee on the porch this morning. 
While we were watching, they moved the cattle from the pasture near our place to one farther out.  They made it look so easy, riding their horses and gathering them all together.

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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Building an Outdoor Bench for the Front Porch

I love Pinterest.  I know most of you do too.  I found this simple-to-make bench and knew we had some concrete blocks left from a retaining wall we had built to keep the pole barn from flooding. We had 9 blocks left, and this project requires 8.

All I had to purchase were 3 4x4's ($10.97 each) at Lowe's.

I also bought 2 seat cushions at around $22.00 each, but I had a $10.00 off coupon, so that was a good savings.   

Materials needed:
8 concrete blocks     (already had)
3 4x4's @ 8' each     $32.91
2 seat cushions        $44.00
Minus coupon            -10.00

The photos are self-explanatory of how to make this simple bench/sofa.  I already had the 3 pillows I used, and also the paint I used on the blocks and 4x4's.  It is actually a darker color than it appears here.  I used the color recently to paint the garage and stairwell walls in our home.

The only instructions are to place your blocks as shown above, and put the 4x4's through them.  Simple, and very sturdy. Some of the photos on Pinterest showed using caulking between the blocks as a "glue".  I chose not to do that.  
The bench is surprisingly comfortable.  My husband said we might make another one next weekend near this one to have more seating in this area.

I bought 4 ferns today also, @ 2/$16 at Lowe's.  While I had the paint out, I repainted all the small tables we use on the porch.  So everything got a fresh clean look. I hung 3 of the ferns across the front of the porch, and placed one on a table near the bench.

This is faux ivy, sitting in an angel bird feeder.

The ferns are such a luscious green this year.  

If you have an outdoor area that needs seating, this is a great way to provide it. I'm not sure what the blocks would cost, since we've had these for a year or two, but the other items were very reasonable.

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Time for a Makeover

I sure could use one!  It's not for me though, but for that big ole wood tool box I've painted every color of the rainbow.  I love this piece!  I gave $20 for it several years ago at a tiny shop nearby.  They didn't stay in business long.  Wish they were still there.  Anyway, I was in the mood for a project, so I used some lavender chalk paint (Waverly) brand that I bought last year at Wal Mart.

Here are photos of the many transformations this tote has seen!
Originally green

Then white, with rooster

Next, blue

Pink, with fleur de lis

Now, it's lavender with each side decorated differently.  All the decorations can easily be removed.

It currently sits on the screened porch table, ready for its next makeover!!  It's a fun piece to change up.

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