A Simple Dollar Tree Christmas Craft

Here is a simple craft you can do for $4.00 by using items from the Dollar Tree.

You will need:

2 Christmas gift bags of your choice, the short wide bags work best
2 Matching picture frames, size 8x10
tape (maybe)

These are the two bags I chose.

First take your frames apart, cut the picture from the front side of the bag;  lay your glass on the front side of the bag, draw around the glass, being sure it's centered, then cut at your markings to make an 8x10 picture.

With the first bag "Happy Holidays", the word "Happy" was outside the 8x10, so I cut the letters separately and taped them to one of the handles from the bag, and then attached it along the right side like a banner.

The wording on this one was within the 8x10 size.
Put them in your frames, and you are done!
Come Christmas, use them in your decor!!

The Dollar Tree has beautiful gift bags that can be made into pictures to either hang or sit somewhere.

Very simple craft to do with your kids or grands.

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Whites in the Master

Before:  Recently I've had lots of blue in the master, and I really like it a lot.  HOWEVER, my daughter had a white coverlet that she didn't like on her bed, so she let me use it.

AFTER:  With white on the bed.  I still have plenty of blue in here, but am enjoying the different look with the plain white.

Embroidered Pillow, $1.99 (consignment shop)

Of course, I had to get some different art so that meant a trip to GoodWill, 3.93 each.

Aren't changes good?  Refreshing your bedroom is easy, just make a few changes with bargain finds, or items borrowed from a friend, or as in my case, my daughter.

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Something Different in the Dining Room

You've seen my dining room many times.  We bought this dining room suite not that long ago, probably 8 years or so.  Well, recently, we've noticed that the top layer of the "leather" chairs is deteriorating.  Makes me wonder if it's really leather.  For the price, it should be.  Anyway, we don't use it often, and I think I probably failed to condition it enough due to that reason.

"before" of the chairs

So, what to do?  I couldn't figure out what to do to cover the bad places on 3 of the 6 chairs.  So I went on Amazon and found these stretch dining chair covers.  They are a really tight fit and we didn't think we would ever get them on the chairs, but finally we did and I like them a lot.

Ideally, I would have liked them to be a little larger, or more stretchy since they don't lay exactly right in the area between the back and the seat.  But they are usable, and the colors work great in the room.

Do you know of anything that will repair possible "faux" leather.  I really think the company misrepresented the makeup of the chairs that came with the suite.  If you know of anything, please leave in the comments.  In the meantime, I'll enjoy the difference in the look of the dining room.  

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A Beautiful Georgia Wedding

I said a while back that I would share some of the photos from my grandson's wedding.  It was on July 22, 2017, and was held at the Tate House, in Tate, Georgia.  Tate is known for its marble, and the Tate mansion is made of marble and is a lovely venue for a wedding.  If you recall, I was in the hospital and unable to attend.  My heart still breaks when I think about it.

Saying the vows they wrote.........

.....the groom may kiss his bride........

Mr. & Mrs. Blake (Christian) Adams

Picture includes Blake's mother, my daughter, Pamela

Christian's Mother and Step-Dad, Nichole and Tony

Bride and Bridesmaids, far right, my granddaughter, Rheagan

Groomsmen, far left, front row, Christian's brother, Noah

where is that garter?????

Throwing the bouquet

Christian's Dad, Edward and Step-Mom, Janet

Blake singing a song he wrote for Christian.

Wedding Party in front of Tate House

My family
Rheagan, Christian, Blake, Pamela

Blake and Christian are ministers and are so blessed to be where they are.  The church is growing and God is blessing their endeavors.  So happy for them.  Welcome to our family, Christian.  We love you!


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Fall Decorating Ideas

These are just a few of my favorite decorations I've created for this fall.  As usual, I brought out lots of things, and thrifting has netted me even more lovelies.  Sometimes, you just have to buy more whether you need it or not.

 GW find,  $1.51

 GW find, $6.96 ~ I saw this last week and decided if it was still there I was getting it.  

 This has a top, no chips or anything, $6.96; I wanted it to hold my cooking utensils.

 Love pheasants!

 Found this pumpkin at Home Goods.
 Topiary, from GW

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A Simple Dollar Tree Christmas Craft

Here is a simple craft you can do for $4.00 by using items from the Dollar Tree. You will need: 2 Christmas gift bags of your choice, th...