Sunday, July 9, 2017

Summer Time is for Porch Sitting

Our home is practically surrounded with porches.....practically, and we enjoy everyone.

I want to show you the latest look of the screened porch, not a whole lot of difference, but a favorite location around here.
Accessories, by Good Will!  :)

 rug, from Good Will

Bird  house, Good Will

 Pillow: Good Will
 Pillows: Good Will

 A favorite plant, succulents, a gift from my boss when I retired.  They have done so well!


 I found this adorable flower cart at GW for less than $6.

 Tray, GW, 1.99

Then there is the stoop going into the mud and laundry room.  It's very small, and I have managed to fill it up.  It's like a little alcove, and I love to sit on it and watch the birds at the feeders, and hear my little DIY water feature.

I bought a table and brought these very OLD chairs up from the basement.  No room for anything else.

We changed up the front porch as well.  We bought new adirondack chairs and cushions, then I painted the rockers to match and bought matching cushions.  

I resurrected this burlap wreath and added the green flowers and the wonderful sign I won in a giveaway.  Artwork by Celestina Marie.

So take your pick, and we'll pour some lemonade and enjoy the outdoors.

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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

While He Mows the Lawn.....

This post was written around Easter on a visit to the lake house.  It was in draft form and I had never published it. Publishing on July 5, 2017.

Even though we are not able to visit the lake home as much as we would like, we want it to be comfortable, and just as the home in the mountains, it has collections and trinkets that create a homey look.  While the husband does the outdoor work, I fluff and nest.

I've shopped the Good Will near the lake house a couple of times, but didn't buy anything.....until this time.  I went on Tuesday and found several nice items that I worked into different areas inside our home.

First, these wonderful bowls, I think this one is probably a planter, but it looks so pretty just sitting on the bookcase which I brought from the bedroom into the living room.

This blue and yellow bowl is exceptionally nice, and reminds me of one I found at our Good Will in North Ga.  These bunnies came from Dollar General.

The green vase was filled with these orange plastic grapes, etc.
They will get thrown away, but I really liked the vase.  It looks like a McCoy planter, but is marked USA.

This sweet yellow and white lidded piece reminds me of an egg cup, but it held a candle.  So delicate. I don't know what it would be called, if you do, let me know in a comment.

This sweet bunny needed a good home, so she hopped into my cart.  Love this little bunny with her spool legs.  So cute all dressed up in her Easter frock.

This gorgeous sham was only $1.99. I knew it would work with the bedding in the back bedroom, because though different patterns, they are all floral and in the same shades.

 See the sweet bird?

 and blue birds.....

So here is how it looks, this mix and match bedding, all from various Good Will stores.  That's what I like to do, find a piece here and there, and use them together.  As long as the hues and colors work, the patterns will work together.

One other item flew right into my cart too.

 See the bird?
With my Good Will items, and a basket I bought from Tractor Supply, I was able to do a gallery wall of sorts.    Y'all know I was happy as could be having "new" things to arrange.

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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Three Thrifty Treasures

Last week we went to Savannah to a shower for my grandson and his fiancé.  We went on Wednesday, with all these plans of what we were going to do, but we didn't do a whole lot.  I did manage to get to one Good Will by promising my husband a breakfast at Cracker Barrel! :)

I didn't spend much at all , and these are the things that came home with me.

This tray, originally priced at 14.99, for $1.99.  I'm using it on the screened porch table.

Sweet candle holder in my favorite color.

This flawless sugar bowl in milk glass was the subject of discussion at the cash register between 2 cashiers.  I was asked if I found the top, no I didn't. They looked at the price (2.99). That is ridiculous  they said.   So I don't really know what the piece would have been worth, more than 2.99 or less?  No idea!  Don't know if it was too little, or too much in their opinion.  Okay, I just found it on ebay priced at 10.99 + over $7. for shipping.  Guess that answers my question.  On Ebay, it is called "Vintage milk glass chalice communion cup or sugar bowl, two handles."  It did not have a top either.

This Good Will wasn't like most.  Very disorganized.  I had to wait for a gentlemen to check out to get a cart.  Everything was a terrible mess, just piled on shelves in no particular order.

 Something funny (and gross) know how some people get the really long fingernails put on, the ones that curl downward? Someone lost one on a shelf.  It was painted orange and yellow,  and had fallen off on the shelf, there it laid!  Kinda sickening!  I was about ready to gag and run out of the store.  

The store was very small as well, smaller than the Dollar General stores.  I was proud of the items I found.  But lots of their items were priced very high.   Not a place I would go again!
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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Roses & Butterflies

I was shopping my favorite store on Saturday, and found some great treasures.

This porcelain piece, below,  is my favorite part of this haul.


I couldn't believe I found another Willow Tree.  Most of mine came from GW.

Found this nice piece of crystal,

much like the larger one below.

I found some nice shirts to wear around home.
The polka dot Kim Rogers is in very nice condition.

I found, new in bag, a Noble Excellence coverlet, King size, with 2 shams. I priced it online at $199.00.  I gave $13.91.
I also found 2 very nice picture frames.  I carried 3 or 4 more items around with me, but ended up deciding what I liked best. There was a gorgeous gold dish, a 3 tiered stacked container, a piece of tangerine colored glass, and a picture of a little girl, that I really wanted, but I couldn't get them all, well I could have, but I didn't.  All in all it was a great trip with some new favorite finds.  The roses and butterflies figurine sits beside the porcelain vase I found a little earlier.

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