Monday, December 5, 2016

What I Found at Good Will & Christmas in the Breakfast Nook

We checked out a Good Will store in a town about 40 miles from home the other day.  These are the only 2 items that I purchased for a total of $4 and change.

I loved the look of this picture, and think it has a French vibe and the frame is so nice.  I gave $1.51 for it, so that was a steal.

This item has a French look as well, with the fleur de lis design on the front.
It was $2.92, I believe.  I went down to the basement into my Christmas stash of twigs and berries, and filled it full of them.

At first I placed it on the sofa table, but it got lost in all the Christmas florals already there, so I moved it to the breakfast table.

It shows better on the breakfast table because it isn't competing so much with the other items.
I added the Dollar Tree hurricanes I made when I first started my blog.  Did you make those?  I remember when they were all the rage.  I still like them a lot.

    (Dollar General placemats, BHG runner from Wal Mart)
I think the arrangement certainly makes a statement here, and that is where I will use it.

Do you make your own arrangements?  All I did to make this one was insert a smaller container inside (peat pot), and just randomly placed all the twigs I could find.

Simple and I used floral items I already had.

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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Adding Bling to a Wreath

I made this wreath, several years ago, and used it as my Christmas, then my winter wreath.

At some point, I had added some cobalt blue geo mesh to the wreath.  I am using it on my front door this year, and today, I decided to add a little more embellishments to it.  I picked up some blue ornaments and picks at Family Dollar for $5.00.

I love the way it looks now, and I think I can use it the entire Winter season.

I like the geo mesh wreaths, but I don't make mine the way most people do.  I just put it on the wreath form as I want it, and don't use a particular way to do it.

Two of the picks I bought for the wreath have jingle bells and berries on them adding more interest.

 I tied 2 bunches of 3 ornaments together to make a bigger impact.

The wreath has blue, white geo mesh, along with silver and gold.  I'm liking this combo, and was thinking how pretty a tree would look done in these colors.

I think this may be the prettiest wreath I've done.  I love the fullness and combination of colors and ornaments.

What do you think?

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Decorating the Sofa Table

I recently posted about moving a sofa table to the living room behind the sofa. (here)  It made a great spot for Christmas decor and nothing says Christmas like red and green.

First, I chose a red and white runner I made some time ago. On top of that I placed a flocked spray I bought at consignment a few years ago.  The spray has huge pine cones, and is so pretty. To complete the vignette, I added a books and a snow globe, along with a lantern gifted to me by Oriental Trading.  This one has Christmas tree cutouts in the sides.  You can't see them very well but there are two white, reindeer ornaments within the greenery.

I later added red fairy lights to the lantern and the spray.  It's a great spot of focus when entering the front door.

If you look closely, you can see the reindeer in this shot.

As a final touch for this area, I placed the reindeer I found at Big Lots last year underneath the table, and added ribbon to the floral pot.

Final look for the sofa table!  Love these reindeer!
I think I'm through tweaking this area.

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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Christmas Mantel

A favorite place to decorate for Christmas is the mantel.  I had originally thought I would not use the garland this year, but then decided to.  I kept it simple, though, just the garland with ribbon, and a lantern on each end.  White glittered stars hang on each end of the garland.  These lanterns were gifted to me by Oriental Trading.  I placed fairy lights in them.

Just to the left is the Christmas village.

I am enjoying the lanterns so much.  I think these can still be ordered from Oriental Trading.

This isn't a sponsored post, but I have left the link so you can order if you wish.  They are very well made, and have room for a candle, or whatever you wish to add to the lantern.  The top lifts up easily for decorating.

I'll be back to share more Christmas decor in a couple of days.

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