Monday, July 25, 2016

Estate Sale Treasures

I had errands to run Friday morning, and saw an 'Estate Sale' sign near our post office. So I had to check it out.  It was at a very small cottage, but they had a tremendous amount of 'stuff'! Table after table of glass ware, and dishes were outside under the car port, and lots of items inside the house as well.  I didn't do much shopping because when I got out of bed I had gout in my right ankle, so it was hard to walk very much. Anyway, I bought three vintage dish ware pieces for $4.00.

This Wedgwood Salad Plate,

Perfect condition, $2.00

This Homer Laughlin gravy boat.  I love this pattern, and the soft blue.  So pretty!
No chips or scratches.


This Homer Laughlin bowl with handles has lots of chips around the top, but I don't mind.


I think it would make a perfect container for succulents. 

All of these pieces sell for a decent price on EBay.  I think I got a really good deal.  I love vintage odd china pieces for their age, if nothing else, but these are 3 really nice patterns.

Do you shop Estate Sales?

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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Vintage Finds From Land Of Cotton Antiques

Lord knows, we.DON'!!! But we found some wonderful deals on our visit to Dothan, Alabama's Land of Cotton Antiques.  You may recall, that's where we found this sweet blue table for the lake house.

We went back the other day, and on this visit, my husband found two pieces at great prices that he really wanted, so we stood there in the store and decided where they would fit in the house.

This cedar drop front secretary caught his eye, along with a vintage tea cart.  According to the lady in the store, the tea cart is from the fifties.

 Price:  $145.00

I've had this chair for about 10 years.  I bought it at consignment for around $10.  It matches the desk quite well.

He also chose this vintage tea cart.  It has no wheels, and I don't see where it ever had any.  Usually they have two larger wheels on one end.

The green marble top goes well with the wall in the dining room, so we placed it near the windows.

It has 2 drawers, and a removable tray, and is also a drop leaf table, so a great deal for $50.00.

The colorful tea towel was given to me by a sweet friend several years ago.  The tea service belonged to my husband's mother.

I was shopping for a small table to use as a night stand in the front guest room.  The one I bought fits the space perfectly.

It is a drop leaf table with a place for magazines at the bottom. It fits perfectly between the bed and the vanity.

I bought this doily.  It has a place needing repair, but a book covers it nicely until I can mend it.

Wouldn't this small table look great in cream with a graphic on the drop leaf?  It is a candidate for a makeover.

 in the family room
The desk replaced the white desk I had here, and the chair replaces the pink & white one.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Let's Enjoy the Screened Porch

We noticed the other day, that the ferns on the front porch had gotten so heavy, they were damaging the vinyl soffit so we took them down and placed them on the front porch table, and two on the screened porch.

We have had great luck with the plants this year.  
The floral "picture" is a painting on a cabinet door that my daughter bought locally.

 The addition of two of the ferns really filled in the space.

We had a philodendron that had gotten so big, we could no longer carry it to and from the basement to winterize it, so I took part of it and repotted it, and let the older part of the plant go.  It had not fared well over the winter, and had gotten root bound.  I made two pots, but only one of them survived.

Here is the philodendron I repotted.  It's doing well.

 I've been using this ladder for a plant stand for several years. It adds a touch of whimsy.
The huge aloe was purchased at Lowe's and was a tiny little thing.  It has grown into a giant plant.  I repotted the small pots of aloe today.  It was all in one pot, and looked awful, so I pinched off the "ugly", and put it into two pots, and it is so much better.

A co-worker gave me cuttings from her spider plants before I retired, and they just keep multiplying. To pot one, you just cut off one of the "spiders", and stick it in soil, and that's it.  I think I have enough of these plants.

These succulents were really small at the beginning of Spring, but I've used fertilizer for succulents several times, and they have really grown, and look so healthy.

You can see how dry the neighbors pasture is.  We are in a bad drought right now and our yards and pastures are suffering.

Here's where we sit with our coffee most mornings.
These bright green cushions came from At Home, and are very comfy.  I found the green waste basket at GW for $.99.

The swing is the perfect place for a short nap, or to sit and read.

I ordered this tropical swing cushion last year, from a place that makes them to order, so it is the perfect fit, and is extremely well made.

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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Painting the Hutch

My husband had this hutch when we got married in 2005.  I've always secretly wanted to paint it, but never mentioned it to him.  We were sitting here the other day, and he said, "I wonder how that hutch would look painted?"  I answered that I thought it would be a good project.  I had some chalk paint with me, and some flat white paint, as well, plus a sample jar of Valspar, Schoolboy Blue.  So after breakfast, today, I removed everything off, cleaned out the drawers, took off the drawer pulls, and got busy.

RECIPE for using baking soda for chalk paint:
      (1/2 c baking soda to 1 c flat paint) mix some water with the soda, and stir to remove lumps, then add to paint.


First I painted the inside using the Valspar Schoolboy Blue. I added soda and water, and it covered fairly well.

I had decided to leave the top the original color.  It has a really nice finish, and I wanted to keep that.

I had 2 partial bottles of Waverly Chalk Paint in white, and mixed up some flat white we had on hand to make chalk paint, and used that for the cabinet.

I had a partial can of Rustoleum flat black paint in the outdoor storage building, so I painted the drawer pulls with that.

BTW, the old platter in the hutch is dated 1943.

I didn't purchase anything to do this makeover.  I already had everything, so this was a free makeover.

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