Friday, January 19, 2018

Make a Mantel for a Small Heater

This week as I was in Good Will I found a tall, narrow skinny table.  It had seen better days, but was sturdy and around $8.00.  I used white chalk paint to paint it.

Then at a consignment shop I found a set of tall shutters painted a dull pink.

Even before that, I had bought a Duraflame heater that has the logs and looks like a small fireplace.

I used all these pieces and this is the result.

The outside of the heater doesn't get hot, and I wouldn't run it without being in the room.

The shutters were such a perfect fit, they snapped between the legs. No screws, or nails anywhere!!

I found these 4 plates to hang above the "mantel".  If you look closely you can see the aqua edge.

I want a full size door to go behind this and hope I find one soon.

So that's one way of making a mantel for a small heater.  Hope you have a lovely weekend!!

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Friday, January 12, 2018

Let's Make It French

Yesterday, I introduced you to my 'new' table that I placed in the foyer.  One day later it has been moved over some, and the top has been made to look more French.

Not bad, but I decided to move it from the area in front of the door and slid it to the opening between the foyer and dining room.  This stops a walk-through, that I didn't like.

Now to redecorate the top to make it have a French look, and to make it more welcoming coming through the front door.

I changed the lamp to a tall one, and added the new shade to it, brought in some decorating books, laid antlers and a tassel on the books, kept the basket of flowers and crystal candle sticks.  I think it looks much more interesting.

Placing the shade on a taller lamp gives the height needed since the flower basket is so huge.  I like the table either way, but  especially love the more interesting table display.

I know I'll be changing this table a lot, and might use it as a coffee table at some time......when the notion strikes.  Hope you enjoyed my everchanging decor!

much love,

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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Yesterday's Good Will Finds

I was browsing through Good Will yesterday (Sr. Discount Day) when this lovely table was brought onto the floor.  I looked at it at $24.95 and knew I wanted it, but in my "new" situation, I'm trying to be more careful with my spending.  I walked around a couple aisles, then went back to look again at the table.  A young couple were looking at it as well, then they turned away and moved on.  I grabbed that ticket because I had figured at 25% off of 24.95, I would only pay $18.71 and decided I would pay that for it!

It's in very good condition.  I'm not sure what type of table it is, though marked as a coffee table, it seems a little tall for that to me.  I don't know the era either, but believe it to maybe be the 50's or 60's.  I decided to place it in my foyer.  It can easily be moved from the center if I decide to, but for now I'm liking it there.

Here you can see its color and condition.  It has a bottom shelf with a drawer.

The colors in this photo are faded.  It's only 6:00 AM and not much light was available for this photo.  The picture above it is the true color.

This flower basket was $4.32.  I might place it in another container.
The lampshade was $.75!!

So, a great day at GoodWill.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Winter Decor

I've been busy lately, and my blogging has suffered.  I've had lots of paperwork to go through, and we made a trip to see my grandson and his wife.  We had such a wonderful time, lots of good food and time with family.  There's nothing like it.

I awoke around 4 AM this morning, and had my house cleaned by 8:30.  Then I had to make the rounds to the post office, Wal Mart, and of course Good Will!!

I'll point out what I purchased as I show pictures.  This post will be photo heavy, so grab yourself a beverage and relax as I take you through the house and point out how I've decorated for winter season.


I'm just loving my bedroom.  Yesterday, I bought a mattress pad and foam mattress topper for it too.  It is so comfy!!

I found this quilted wall hanging at Good Will for about $6.  It looks better than the tapestry that was here, because it hangs down longer.

I got this picture at GW for less than $2.00.  The mat was purple and red, i simply painted it.

I bought the empty frame at GW, and the peacock canvas at Dollar Tree!!

Tole tray, Goodwill find.


Painting I attempted of my home

Dining Room

Guest Room, now in turquoise

Hall Tree


At present the cover is pinned on the loveseat.  I may sew it and use it, but haven't had time yet.

Guest Bath

I didn't get photos of the laundry/mud room or the master suite. But you can bet there is aqua in those rooms too.

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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Life Goes On

I went to bed before 9 last night with the intention of watching the latest episodes of "A Place to Call Home"  (Acorn TV).  Maybe 15 minutes into it, I was falling asleep, so I turned off the tv and allowed my tired body to rest.  Now I'm awake at 2 AM, so I thought I'd do a blog post and show you how my house looks after the Christmas decor has been put away, well all but a few things that I made slight changes to for the winter season.  I find I'm settling easily and getting accustomed to being on my own.  I've always been able to find things to do, and this time is no different.  I keep myself busy and anytime friends or family want to go somewhere, I go along with them.  Anyway, back to the changes in the house.

This is the breakfast nook, and I added the yellow GW placemats to bring out the yellow in the tablecloth.  

A GW rooster sits under a cloche as the centerpiece.

To have more room in the breakfast nook, I swapped this table from the master to here.  It can serve as a buffet.  It also has a GW rooster under a cloche to carry the theme.

The corner cabinet holds a GW pitcher sporting a fancy rooster, as well.

My Mother's pie safe features farm animals on top, and above, on the wall.  I think all these pieces are goodwill finds except the chicken which I found years ago at a consignment shop.

I moved the bombe table into the breakfast room for storage.  The small jelly cupboard that was here belonged to my estranged husband's mother so I sent it with him.  This works great here.  The "Blessed" sign is a stick on from the Dollar Tree.  They remove easily and do not damage the wall.  Everything on top of the table is from GW except the rooster.

The hall tree has a mixture of items.  I found this small tureen at GW and decided to sit it here.  The farm scene picture came from there as well.  The tulips bring the hope of Spring.

On the bottom shelf, the snow men still remind us it's Winter.

I removed the red from the urn above and added cotton, a white ribbon, and a snow flake.  This will work well on the hearth all winter.

Winter Fireplace

Corner of the living room

This runner came from Big Lots.

I moved the tea cart to the window and have lots more room with it here.

A winter garland was left on top of the china cabinet.

I have used blue or turquoise in all my rooms, and will share the guest room with you soon.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!!

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This week as I was in Good Will I found a tall, narrow skinny table.  It had seen better days, but was sturdy and around $8.00.  I used whit...