Sunday, October 23, 2016

How to Spruce Up a Good Will Find

spruce up:  meaning an act of cleaning up, refurbishing, renovating an item; improving the appearance.

On Saturday, after having all I could stand of the political news on television, I decided to take a stroll through Good Will.  I'm glad I did.  This is my latest treasure.

This is a heavy ceramic dough tray, and I have always wanted a dough tray, so this will suffice for decorating. Do you ever find things that are just too good to pass up?  That's what I thought when I saw this.  It's a little more than I usually pay for one item, but like I said, too nice to pass up!

I have to tell you, it needed a good cleaning.  You can see how badly the spanish moss looks above.  Our GW is in the same strip mall as the Dollar Tree, and I knew I could get fresh moss there for a dollar.  So I bought some fall colored stems, and spanish moss from the Dollar Tree.

The fruits in the tray are the perfect fall colors.

I gave everything a good wash off, and put the fresh moss in the tray.

Then I clipped my fall stems apart and started placing them in the moss with the fruit.

Here is the "After".

I chose stems that would compliment the colors of the fruit.

It looks perfect on my dining room table, and will be there for a long time!!

It coordinates so well with my place settings, and napkins.

(photo from overhead)

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Good Will Goodies

I've been coming up empty handed recently at Good Will, but Tuesday yielded some sweet finds.  Here is what came home with me.  :)

nice size cloche/food dome

 bird (originally from Kirkland's)

 Andiron candle holder in rust  (love)!!
This would be great in an empty fireplace holding candles.

this tray


My total  $12.63

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Using Slipcovers for a Warmer Look

A few months ago, we brought our very old sofa and love seat upstairs to use because we couldn't find new ones that suited us.  These are old, but in excellent condition, so we have used them for several months now.  The large floral pattern is fine in the spring and summer, but in the cooler months, not so much.

I wanted to give the room a warmer look for the fall and winter
 and decided to reuse a set of taupe slip covers I've had for a  while.  I would like to order some white covers, or make some  from drop cloths, but haven't done either.

I wasn't sure they would work with the smaller furniture, but with a few gathers here and there, and lots of tucking, they are working fine.

As usual, I am trying different pillows and throws to find the look I like best.

These pillows are of an equestrian theme, and are a Good Will find. Next I added the plaid throw.

Finally, I covered the pillows with some covers I already had, and added the white/blue quilt to the back of the sofa.  I like this look best. (below)

I bought this pillow cover at the Hen's Nest recently for $3.99. It zips on, and was a great buy.

I can use it on the love seat, or maybe use the one below.

I'm adding blues to tie in with the rug we have in here and have tried out different items to see what feels best.

I kept the mantel decor very simple this year, and the taupe colors go well with the slipcovers.

 I changed the pillow, throw, runner, etc., to look like this.

 I placed a smaller runner on the table, and corralled blue/white containers in a tray.

I've changed out the artwork to some I had that use blue as the primary color.

I changed the look of the top of the drop front desk by adding a blue bound book and a blue bottle with a tan burlap flower.

 I placed this art above my husband's chair.  I also gave the lamp a makeover.  You can see it here.

I came across this white pail I bought some time back, and decided I would place the pumpkins I have in this room, in it on the hearth.

 The pumpkins make more of a statement gathered in the pail than scattered throughout the room.  I added the fall bow to this white burlap wreath I made a couple years ago.
 All of these pumpkins are ones I made, except for the glass gold one, and the orange and gold one from the Dollar Tree.

Now the room feels warm and cozy for the cooler months.
This makeover cost nothing because I shopped the house for the items used.

I may decide to make drop cloth slip covers. I've made them before for the sofa we had at one time, and I made one for my daughter's sofa from blue/white ticking fabric, so I know they are a lot of work so we shall see.

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Updating the Lamps in the Family Room

I found these lamps several years ago at a yard sale, for $5.00 each.  They are very heavy, and the lady who had them said she had purchased them from a nearby upscale store.  I was delighted to get them, and have used them ever since.

Today, I decided to give them a makeover.


I love the style, but lots of times when turning off the lamps, the pineapple fronds at the top would poke our hand or arm, and in fact, several fronds had broken off.  So off they all came. It was easy to remove them simply by just lifting them up and down a few times. After that, I brushed on Pure Gold Metallic Craft Paint.

I wasn't worried if some of the darker color showed through.

I painted the upper part of the lamp, and left part of the base as it was.  Here you can see how it turned out.  It still needed a little something.

I decided to embellish the lamp shades with some greek key ribbon I found in the Craft section at Wal Mart.

I started and ended the ribbon at the seam in the shade, and attached it with hot glue.
 I spent $2.97 each for 2 rolls of the ribbon.  The paint was in my stash.  This makeover cost less than $6.00.
Removing the fronds gave the lamps a more streamlined look, and our arms and hands won't be punctured anymore.  :)

Seen above without the ribbon on the shade.

Here, with the ribbon.

I think the ribbon adds just the right touch of elegance, and ties the shade in with the base.  What do you think?

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