Monday, December 11, 2017

Christmas Tour Part II

This is part II of the Christmas decor at Shadymont.  First, the guest bed room.  I changed it completely this year, to red.

 The fall comforter was switched out to this white one, then I added red items, pillow shams, quilt, and curtains.


 The island got it's touches of red.

 Keeping it simple

 Red ornament hung in a green strainer

That's it for part II.  Stay tuned for other rooms coming soon, sun room, master, library, master bath, etc.

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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Christmas Tour, Part I

Today, I'm taking you on a partial tour of the house all decorated for Christmas.

On the front door, I have a spray rather than a wreath.

Just inside, in the foyer, is this piece that was given to the men at church for Father's Day.  I kept the 3 crosses on the inside, and draped, garland, poinsetias, and lights on the hooks on the front.

Next to the foyer is the dining room, where the tree is located.

The tree is new, and was the display tree at Lowe's, so I bought it already put together, fluffed,etc.  I came home and all I had to do was decorate it.

Touches of red brighten the china cabinet.  I inserted red ornaments and berries into various dishes. 

 Accross from the front door is the hall tree.  I have an angel tree topper on it this year and love the way it looks there.

Next up is the mantel and other areas in the living room.

I've changed the mantel some since I took this photo.  Just a little change or two.

The hearth has already been changed, too.  The arrangement is now on the dining room table as the center piece.

The coffee table and old square table beside the chair, both hold tray vignettes of Christmas items with fairy lights.

This tray holds an old black truck with a tree in the back.

Two pieces of milk glass flank the vignette here.

This arrangement is a hodge podge of items, but I like it.

This is the focal point in the room.

My brother brought me his entire collection of old vehicles, and I love them as Christmas decor!

Again, I've moved these aqua items to the library for a touch of Christmas in there.

Some of these areas have been tweaked a little and places changed.  Of course I'm known to do that up til Christmas Day, then the day after, I'll yank it all down and store it away!! 

Come back in a couple of days for Part II.

Tuesdays at our home @ Our home away from home

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Making Three Different Wreaths

My daughter asked if I would make her a new Christmas wreath and sent me a Pinterest photo of something similar.  She wanted red/white buffalo checked ribbon (which wasn't found in 3 stores), she wanted cotton bolls, couldn't find those either.  But with lots of improvising and a few hot glue burns I finally figured out what to do.

Here is the finished wreath, then I will tell you how I did it!

(here it is laying on the edge of my table, so you can see the chairs, etc.)  I edited the background out but that photo looked worse so it is what it is!

grapevine wreath, 4.99 (Wal Mart)
berries 3 stems, Michael's 2.98 each (minus discount)
1 roll plain red ribbon, 1 red ribbon with snowflakes, one with peppermint stripe on edge, a scrap of burlap type red/white from an old wreath of hers, cotton from a large roll like you would use to stuff a pillow
a large pine cone
florist wire
glue gun/glue

I guess the total for this is around $15.

It's hard to tell in the photo, but the wreath contains, ribbon, berries, and DIY cotton bolls I made.

First, I cut the stems from the berries to use as stems for the cotton bolls.  I pulled 3 large pieces from the cotton stuffing, and shaped them into balls. I pulled the largest pieces from the bottom of a huge pine cone I had, and glued to the bottom of each boll of cotton, after gluing the stem inside the cotton.  In person they look really realistic.  I made smaller bows, and cut strips of ribbon for the bow.  Everything is wired on with florist wire.  I glued some small gold pine cones in the center of the bow arrangement.  

I wake up around 4 AM every morning, much to my dismay, so this is what I did while I waited for sunrise!

I also finished a wreath for my 11 year old granddaughter's door to her room.

Hers is a mesh wreath with some of the red/white burlap scraps run through it, green gift packages, and a bow, with a crocheted snowman that a friend made for me many years ago.  I will try to get photos that show up better before posting this.  Total here:  $0

During Thanksgiving, my grandson and his wife were here, and I had found a huge lighted green wreath at Wal Mart.  It had 3 stems with red berries attached and that was all that was on it.  I went into my stash and made it pretty for them to take home and use.  I'll try to get a photo of it too.  Total on this $2.95!

I had them send me a photo of the wreath.  (Below)

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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Oh Christmas Tree

I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving.  We sure did.  We went to my sister's in law and on Thanksgiving Day, to my daughter's.  My grandson and his wife were here and I enjoyed them tremendously!!

Today, I'm sharing our Christmas Tree.  I saw it on display at Lowe's prior to Thanksgiving and actually bought the display.  Since it was already assembled and "fluffed", I went ahead and put it up and decorated it. 

Here it is with mostly new ornaments from the Dollar Tree, where they had so many pretty ones this year.

 This ornament is three dimensional on both sides.  So nice!!

 This one is full of bling!!
 Some came two to a set.  Love these two above!
The angel wings came in pink, white, silver, gold.  

I really like the new tree.  It's not that much larger than my other one, but the greenery is more realistic.  I plan to take my old one to the lake house.  I have one there, but it's very small.

 No shortage of reindeer this year, on the tree or in our yard!!

The gardenias are clip on, but I just have the hydrangeas lying on the branches.

I'll be sharing various rooms in the house, and will also do a full tour.  If I can figure out how, I might do that on video then y'all can hear how southern/country I sound!!  Hope you are getting the Christmas spirit, and in the mood to bring out some Christmas decor.

Have a fabulous week, everyone!


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Christmas Tour Part II

This is part II of the Christmas decor at Shadymont.  First, the guest bed room.  I changed it completely this year, to red.   The fall...