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Small Items From Good Will

Being the Good Will addict that I am, I'd like to share some of my recent home decor items with you.  

 This turquoise plate is the perfect color for my decor. I love this small tote.  I picked up one that was larger in green, but by the time I got ready to leave, I put a few things back.  It was really nice, but I have 3 or 4 now and don't need to keep bringing them home.
This small lamp reminds me of those from years ago.  It was around $5. I painted the trim and drawer on this table earlier this week with left over Wythe Blue (BM).  I didn't get it in the shot but the picture above it has some purple, so I made this vignette in purple.
I was thrilled to find this old fashioned candle holder, blue and white, especially.  It's on the hoosier/hutch in the mud room.
Back view This cage came  in a rusty color, but you know I had to paint it.  I found it on 2 different shelves, with 2 prices, obviously someone didn't know it was to go together.  All total, I think I gave ar…

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