Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bringing fall into the sun room

It's a rainy night in Georgia.  :)

This afternoon I had to go to DG to get some batteries and while I was in there, I naturally looked through their "fall decor items".  They had some really cute pumpkins, banners, etc.  So I picked up a few things for the sunroom.

You may remember that I found a full set of dishes last week at a consignment shop for $12.95.  I decided to set the table in the sunroom with it and then added some fall items also.

I hope everyone has a great week!! 

This is how the sunroom table looked before fall decor was added.  Fine, but not seasonal.

I got most of these items at Dollar General for around $2 each.

I love the texture of the pumpkins made from twigs. 

 This shot shows some of the dishware and the S/P shakers with the cup and saucer added to the setting.

 I love the fruit motif on the dishwear.  The colors blend well with the fall decor.
 The little wire pumpkins in the above shot are nameplace card holders from Michaels.  They were 2/$3.00.  They are so cute!
 A close up of the colors of leaves on the pumpkins.  Acorns too!
I love the "wooden word" items spelling out Harvest and Autumn.  They are so cute.

The fabric pumpkins are from Michaels I bought the last 2 they had on Friday.  This little lamp is an old one I got with S&H Green Stamps in the early 80's.  I remember being so happy to get it.  That was back when 'extra' money was hard to find and I saved stamps to get all kinds of things.  Do you remember those stamps and gift stores?  This lamp shade was found in an antique shop several years ago.  It's not antique, but it has all the fall colors for this time of year.  The pottery on the bottom shelf of the wicker table is Roseville.

This little cabinet is one of my favorite things.  It belonged to my MIL.  I recently re-painted it. and brought it into the sunroom.  I absolutely love it!!

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