Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cloche Party

Today I will join in Marty's Cloche Party at
Thanks so much Marty, for having such a great party. 

I made this cloche from a cheese dome and candle holder. 

Next is the cloche I made using items from Home Goods.  I absolutely love this one!  It is a gold pedestal with a hurricane turned upside down for the cloche.  These were also bought at Home Goods.  It holds a small brown rooster and some fall leaves.  Lovin' it!!!!!!!

This little beauty is a Dollar Tree hurricane turned upside down on a DT black candle holder.  The roses, and small angel I already had.  By turning it upside down, I created small cloche.  Love !!

Here it is all dressed up for fall. Again, I had the hurricane, beads, and ribbon.  Just added berries from WM I got for a dollar each.  I like these so much with the orange beads!!

Look at this baby cloche with the acorn.  This is made from a depression glass bowl, with a rounded glass for the cloche.  The bowl was my MIL's, the glass cloche held a candle at one time.

This is a butter dish from guess who..... my MIL.  Couldn't keep from showing it to you.  It's kind of hard to make this into a cloche, but it is so lovely to me.

Like Marty says, use your imagination to make cloches.  I am loving these and hope you are inspired to look around your home for items that you can use too. 

Thanks again Marty for inviting us over!! You are a great hostess!

Blessings all,

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