Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Decorating the Workplace for Fall

I will try again today to post the blog showing my office at work.  I decided since we spend most of our waking hours at the workplace, we may as well make it as pleasant as we can.  This called for a quick run to Dollar Tree.

I've had this urn for a long time.  I filled it with paper then added silk leaves and a pumpkin from DT and tied a ribbon around it.  So simple yet festive.

Again, ribbon, hurricane, leaves, filler, everything purchased at Dollar Tree.  This is sitting on an end table in my office.

I placed an autumn leaves garland in the window sill and added various color ceramic pumpkins.

I bought this little flower pot a few years ago from Dollar General.  The gourds are from DT.

This is on the corner of my desk.  The swing arm lamp was from a consignment store ($5.00), the picture frame from the same store, and the pot of geraniums was bought recently at Good Will for about $4.00.

So, for very little money, I was able to decorate my office for the season.  Do those of you who work outside the home decorate your office?  It just makes it more pleasant don't you think?

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