Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thrifty Finds

Oh my goodness,  I found a new consignment shop that I can go to on my lunch hour at work.  It's just the cutest shop, run by an interior designer.  The shop is called "Sweet Tea". 

I came away with some great thrifty treasures.  I've been busy tonight with family things and have not had a chance to "set" these up, but wanted to give you a peek anyway.  I'll do a better job using these soon and show them again.

Here is a 3 tiered plate stand that I got for $4.95.

The little plates on it were 55 cents each.  I will find a solid one to match and take a new picture.  I also might spray paint the stand with ORB.
close-up of the 55 cents plates.

This pretty floral arrangement was only $3.95.  The bucket it is in is seafoam green.  Goes great in my sun room.

The best deal of all though, was a full set of dishware, 4 place setting including the salt and pepper shakers, and tea glasses, cups/saucers, dinner plates, salad plates.... the whole set for...............
drum roll please.................

For $24.00 and change I came away with all this!!

Again, I will show these in a better post soon, but couldn't wait to show you these pieces.



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