Sunday, October 31, 2010

Simpler Tabletop

I changed out my dining room table today.  I had gotten a little tired of the rust table cloth and decided to just use place mats for the period between now and Thanksgiving.  I may change it again before then though.  At least it will look like this for a few days.  :)

I decided not to have so many pieces on the table and to not layer the dishes.  Just want it to be simple and clean for a while.

This is a tall candle holder I purchased at a consignment store a couple years ago.
The placemats were on clearance at Pier 1 for $.98 each.
The wired pumpkin was actually free at CVS.  I had a coupon for $5.00 off any halloween decor, it's tag was $4.99.  Can't beat free!!

The silk leaves and ceramic pumpkins are from Dollar Tree.

This plate stand was only $4.95 at Sweet Tea, a favorite consignment shop. The picture is of a pheasant and is VERY old.  My husband had it for years and while going through some boxes the other day, I ran across it and decided I would use it because of the fall colors and the green mat matches the wall in the dining room.

This art work is one I bought when we first built the house, so it is about 10 years old.  I love the frame and the scenery in this piece.  It's so peaceful.
I hope you like the changes I have made in my dining room.  I am pleased with the clean and simple look.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Thrift Shop Goodies

Look what I found at a thrift shop on Thursday.  I went there first on Wednesday and walked away without buying anything, but I couldn't get these pretties off my mind, so I went back on Thursday and rescued them. 

Notice the honeycomb and bumble bee design.  This is made like an ice bucket, but I don't know what the actual use was meant to be.  I think it is so neat.  Isn't it just the cutest???
 Here is the same piece with flowers in it.
 Here is the pitcher and the two canisters that came in the set.
 See the larger canister?  It's so tall the lid won't fit on this shelf in my MIL's jelly cupboard.  I've got to decide where I want to display them so they will easier seen, but for now, I set them in the cupboard.

Got the 4 pieces, 2 with the bumble bee lids for $15.00. (Pardon the wood piece that splits the picture here, it is part of the cupboard).

I love, love, love this set. 

I'm linking to Miss Linda at for her junkin party and The Shabby Nest for Frugal Friday. Go over and check them out.  I'd also love it if you would follow me! 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fruit of the Vine

I have used wine/grapes motif in my decorating for the last ten or so years.  I just like the look in decor.  I'm not a wine connoisseur by any stretch of the imagination.  Tonight I will share some of the places where I have used grapes in my home decor.

This grouping is on a wall in the breakfast nook.

This little GW pitcher has been everywhere in the kitchen.  I move it constantly.  Right now it is actually in a glass-front cabinet.

 This little lamp is one of my bargains from Kirklands and sits on the side cabinet in the breakfast nook.

 The vase and plate, pear and apple are also from Kirkland's. 

This grouping of fruit is inside a cloche made from a cheese dome.

This canvas and wrought iron holder contain grapes as well.  This is in the sunroom.
The green bottle in the top  of the  left wine rack is an empty champagne bottle that my former FIL bought to celebrate my late-husband's return from the Viet Nam War in 1969.  It has a special place in my home.

Hope you enjoyed this little tour.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Restore FInds

Yesterday on my way to buy groceries, I stopped off at the Habitat for Humanity Restore.  I had only ever been there once and remembered it being extremely crowded with 'stuff'.  Yesterday, it was neat and orderly and they were having a bag sale.  All you could stuff in a small plastic grocery bag for $2.00. 

I first found a cloche type arrangement that was stuffed with OLD, DRY, but real flowers.  It looked really dirty, but I didn't want it the way it was.  I could see the possibilities.  You know how we are when we see any kind of domed item, instant cloche!!!

This is the wooden bottom that had glued on nasty yucky brittle flowers. I have torn them off, and have not painted the base yet.   I will paint it use it for a base for something else or a candle holder.  I have a huge candle in the shape of a snowball I can use with the wooden base once it's painted.

In my $2.00 bag, I placed a glass candle holder, and two plates. 

I like the shape of the blue plate.

You can't see them very well, but the little green plate is opaque and has little bumble bees on it.

Here's the candle holder.

Look what I made out of this combination of things.

I super-glued the candle holder to the bottom of the plate, added the dome, which fit it perfectly and viola,  cloche display stand...  whoo hoo...

Here is what I did with the little green plate.

I used a candle jar and turned it upside down over a faux acorn and leaves to make a mini cloche.

Not bad for a total of $2.00!!

What thrifty treasures have you found recently?

Friday, October 22, 2010

Rooster Plaques

I haven't bought many things this week.  I've looked at all the usual places, but not much spoke to me......except these 3 rooster plaques.  I found them at a favorite consignment shop for $14.95 for all three.  I really like them and have hung them beside my corner cabinet in the breakfast nook.  Aren't these handsome roos???  I think so.

I saw a set of dishes at "Sweet Tea" Consignment today, that I might go back for.  They were a terrific price.  I really don't need them, but I think I hear them whispering to me.  :)

Have a great weekend.  Happy Thrifting!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Decorating with White

for White Wednesday.

Today I am sharing some of the white items I use in my decor.

The milk glass dish  and white rooster napkin holders were  GW finds.

 I bought the white pedastal at WM for $5.00

 This little white lattice pitcher was a Ross find.
 This cake plate with the rose was bought at Consign and Design, one of my favorite places to shop.

 I love this little angel in the cloche.
 The milk glass (hobnail) vase belonged to my MIL.
 This bowl is huge.  It also belonged to my MIL.
 These little salt and pepper shaker roosters are from Target.
One of my very favorite things, this jelly cupboard belonged to my MIL too.  I love it so much!
Another little angel.  I think I bought her at Eckerd Drugs.
This little cherub came from Consign and Design.  She looks so peaceful.

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of my white items.  Don't forget to visit White Wednesday for more beautiful images.  Thanks to our kind hostess!!


Monday, October 18, 2010

Table Tops Dressed for Autumn

Today I am sharing a collection of tabletops throughout my home all dressed up for fall.  Granted, some of these have already been changed, but they looked like this a few days or weeks ago.  You know I can't leave stuff alone.  Have to keep moving and re-working vignettes!

Happy Fall Y'all!!!

I'm linking to Table Top Tuesday hosted by Marty at A Stroll Thru Life.  Thank you Marty!

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