Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Flour Sack Dress

D is for Dress.

When I was around 2 years old, my family lost our home to fire.  The home was older and in a rural area and of course no phone to call for help.  The only things that were saved was a cedar chest, a wringer type washing machine that was on the back porch, and the clothes we were wearing.

The cedar chest was saved because it contained mementos including the flag that was draped over my oldest brother's coffin.  He was killed in the Korean War the day before I was born.

We were not wealthy by any stretch of the imagination.  Often times my mother would sew us clothing from the sacks that flour came in back then. Groceries were bought in large quantities so the 50 pound sacks of flour came in bags that were printed.

The day of the fire, my mother and sister were on the back porch of the house doing washing.  My neice and I were in the house sleeping in the baby crib.  I was a mid-life baby for my mother.  She was 46 when I was born so some of my older siblings were already married with children.  That was the case here so my neice and I are near the same age. 

My sister went into the house to check on us and smelled smoke.  She got the two of us out of the house, put us in the car and drove the car a safe distance from the house.  She and my mother then dragged the washer off the porch and the cedar chest out of the house.

This is the dress I was wearing on that day.  My mother always kept it and I still have it.

This is a simple little flour sack dress, green and red, sewn by mother so many years ago for her youngest child and I wouldn't take a million dollars for it!

My mother could not buy patterns so she cut them from brown paper bags and sewed by that.  Notice the trim stops on the back.  I guess she ran out of it.

There is also no button or button hole at the top.  I imagine she used a safety pin instead.

See the little ruffle at the bottom?

The trim meets on the front, but stops on the back before it meets.

I can see great love and beauty in this little dress.  Hope you can too!

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