Sunday, October 10, 2010

Recent Thrifty Finds

Today I am sharing some great bargains I have recently found. On Thursday I went to the consignment shop, Sweet Tea, during my lunch hour.  It's not a huge shop, but she has such a nice variety of accessories for the home. 

Don't you love these green bowls?  They are brand new.  I gave $2.95 each for them.  The tag on the bottom says they are candleholders.  I'm using them in various ways. 

Look at this little copper candleholder.  I adore it.  The little crystals will sparkle when the candle is lit. I also bought the basket there.  I spent around $20.00 for all these items.  They are all of very high quality.

I decided to play with my new goodies so I placed them and several other thrifting items in the basket.  I have it on the breakfast table for the centerpiece.

The rooster plate came from a shop called Chic or Shabby.  The orange leaf dish was from WM. The candle, DT, pumpkin from Dollar General.  The little white rooster napkin rings are a GW find, the rooster from a consignment shop, the placemat underneath the basket came with a burgundy napkin and a wooden ring for a total of $.70 at Home Goods.  The green napkin belonged to my MIL.

Doesn't it make for a colorful collection?  Everyone who as seen it has complimented me for the arrangement. 

Have a great weekend!

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