Friday, October 29, 2010

Thrift Shop Goodies

Look what I found at a thrift shop on Thursday.  I went there first on Wednesday and walked away without buying anything, but I couldn't get these pretties off my mind, so I went back on Thursday and rescued them. 

Notice the honeycomb and bumble bee design.  This is made like an ice bucket, but I don't know what the actual use was meant to be.  I think it is so neat.  Isn't it just the cutest???
 Here is the same piece with flowers in it.
 Here is the pitcher and the two canisters that came in the set.
 See the larger canister?  It's so tall the lid won't fit on this shelf in my MIL's jelly cupboard.  I've got to decide where I want to display them so they will easier seen, but for now, I set them in the cupboard.

Got the 4 pieces, 2 with the bumble bee lids for $15.00. (Pardon the wood piece that splits the picture here, it is part of the cupboard).

I love, love, love this set. 

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