Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas at Shadymont

I finished some of my Christmas decorating over the weekend and will link to Tabletop Tuesday hosted by our dear friend Marty.  Thanks again Marty for inviting all of us over. 

Be sure you stop by and join in the fun.  You'll see some awesome ideas for dressing your home for Christmas.

This is a shot of the mantle.  Don't you love the butterflies?

This is a corner in the dining room.  My plate rack is all ready for Christmas.
Here is a close-up of the acorns.

A shot of the dining room table.  Excuse the color.  The reds are much deeper than they appear.  The green glasses belonged to my MIL.  Does anyone know anything about these glasses.  I have a feeling they may have been included with Laundry detergent or something like that.  They have no markings and are tall, slim cylinder type glasses. 

This is another view of the mantle garland.  The butterflies are from Lowe's.  They come 4 to a package for about $5.00 I think.  I love they way they dress up the garland.

This is my favorite display of all I have done so far.  This is on a chest in the family room.

This is a little niche in the hallway that can be seen from the foyer.  Just a collection of Christmas items.

I hope you have enjoyed this little tour of Christmas at Shadymont!  Come again soon!

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