Monday, November 1, 2010

Table Tops Galore

Today I am sharing several different tabletops.  Some of these are recent and some are as far back as 2 or 3 years.

 I changed out the rust colored tablecloth and decor yesterday in the dining room.
 I know you can't believe this, but I changed it again today.  Had to.  Saw this green leaf tablecloth today at Ross for $7.99.  It had to come home with me, so I added some ribbon to the candle holder, called in the turkeys and now it's different again.  The "word" acorns say "Give Thanks".  They were $1.00 at DG.
 Look at this pretty hen and her bitties.  She was waiting for me at Ross today as well.  She was only $8.00. I think she is adorable!!!
 These are hung on ornament stands that I use at Christmas.  The table cloth is greener than it appears in the picture.
 This picture was made several years ago.  The little lamp on the left was from a consignment shop.  The artwork is by a local artist, John Kollock, and was a gift from my daughter.  It's called the "Waving Man" and is a drawing of an old gentleman who actually lived near me growing up.  He waved at every car that passed as he sat on his front porch swing.  The house still stands a couple of miles from my current home.
 This is a picture made a few years ago at Christmas.  This was when I had a sitting room where my dining room now is.  The angel on the floor was from my first mother in law.  She passed away in 1998,  The framed "Peace" is a hand made gift from a former neighbor.  She does the fancy paper cutwork with tiny little scissors.  I think it's called Scissorschnite..... (sp). something like that anyway.
 This is just a recent Pink Saturday theme I put together.
 This is from last Christmas.  Another paper design by my former neighbor!!  She does fabulous work!
 Sharing my little honeycomb, bumblebee set I bought in a thrift shop last week.  Love it.  I finally placed it on top of the little jelly cupboard.  I'll share a picture of that soon.
Here's the basket of fall goodies sitting on my breakfast table.

I hope you enjoyed some of my table tops.  I love doing them, then changing them out!!


Hope you all have a wonderful week.

Be sure to stop by Marty's for Table Top Tuesday.  You know what a wonderful hostess she is!!  Thanks Marty for inviting all of us to your party!!

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