Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thanks and Thrifting Finds

First of all, thanks to my new followers.  The list is growing, slowly, but I'm thankful for everyone who chooses to follow.

My hubby and I have been at our home in South Georgia for the past few days, and I have not been able to blog.  While we were there I went exploring.  I found a little second hand store called the Treasure Hut.  They had great stuff and even better prices.  I found this huge plate for $6.00.  It's about 14 inches across.

I will share pictures when I decide where this will go.  I think he will probably live on the top of the kitchen cabinet.

These 2 plates were $1.00 each. 

 This green dish was only $3.00.  Please ignore the dirt from the pine cones.  I had just picked them up from the yard and didn't bother to wash the dish before taking the picture. 

You will see this dish again in Christmas decorations.  It is so pretty.

While in town, I went in Rite Aid and found a bunch of things for 1 and 2 dollars each. 

The waffle weave towel was $2.00.  I got 2 of the plates with fruit for $1.50 each, and the table cloth was $2.00.  It's a 60 inch round.  I have plans for all these items, so be checking back to see where they end up.  I am linking to Linda at for nifty thrifty Tuesday.  Go by and check out all the fun at her party.  She'd love to have you visit.

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