Saturday, November 27, 2010

We Need A Little Christmas Now

I have been away from home and blogland for an entire week.  We have been working on our home in South Georgia and I was too busy to blog.  I'm back home now, although hubby is still there, and I decided to do just a little Christmas decorating this evening.  So far, I've started on the dining room table and have done a couple of side tables.  I hope to do more tomorrow.
I bought this little plate today at a thrift shop for fifty cents.  It's Canterbury, Royal Daulton, England.  The floral is a Kirkland's find from some time ago, the candle holder came from Sweet Tea Consignment Shop, and the angels and baby Jesus is a gift from my daughter and grandson from about 8 or 9 years ago.  I think this makes a nice Christmas vignette.

Close up of the plate.

This runner was purchased at Dollar General for $5.00.  It is about 6 ft long.


I found this cross last week at Michael's for $6.00 on clearance.  It had been $14.99.
Napkins, 2/$3.50 at Walmart.

This nativity was purchased at Cracker Barrell about 9 years ago, Dollar Tree bird, painted porcelain white, framed artwork from a former neighbor.  She cut it out by hand.  Very delicate work.  The table cloth was a small remnant from Walmart's bargain bin a couple of years ago for I think about $1.00.

Again, I'm just getting started, so I will be tweaking the dining room table, and still have to put up the tree.  I'll share the wreaths on the doors with you in another post.  Let's all have a Merry Christmas, and remember the reason we celebrate.  As my granddaughter (4) told me this afternoon, "It's God's birthday".  So sweet!

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