Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas at the Office

Today I am sharing the decorations in my office and in the front reception area that I decided to decorate this year.  I spend so much time at work, it just makes sense to decorate a little this time of year so we can get into the Christmas spirit.  So many are having a hard time this year and we need all the cheer we can find.  So here is my attempt at spreading a little Christmas cheer with my co-workers.

These are the book cases inside my office. 
The decorations came from the Dollar Tree.

This little fellow is strutting his "stuff".  Isn't he cute?

Again, everything from the Dollar Tree.

I already had the urn so I put a 50 cents candle
 inside it and tied a ribbon around the urn.

This is the Christmas tree in the hallway.
 It was decorated by a co-worker who does a
fabulous job.  She makes all the bows and is
 a talented decorator.

This vase was under my desk from a long time ago when I received flowers from my hubby at work.  I washed it and filled it with DT ornaments, roping and another reindeer.  Everyone was so impressed.....so simple but co-workers love it!

I've had the metal holder with the pineapple
motif for several years.  Since I was hanging a
wreath on the mirror adjacent to my
office, I just placed this on my door.

I bought the poinsetta at Lowe's.  The wreath
is one I made several years ago, I just added
some berries.  I ran the picture of Santa off
 the computer, taped it to red
paper and framed.  Easy peasy!

This is not at my office but at our home in South Georgia.  I was going through "old, old" boxes of 'stuff' my MIL had and found this cute little decoration.  It is made of a grapevine look-alike, had the greenery, berries and the little bird, so I fluffed the greenery and added the bow.  I think it's kinda pretty.  The doily under it is the only one I have ever crocheted.  The glass coasters were also a find when searching through my MIL's boxes.

I hope you've enjoyed this little visit to my office and the home at Lake Seminole.  Come back soon or better yet, hop on over to Marty's for her TTT party.

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