Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Seminole Visit

Hubby and I have spent the last four days at our home in Seminole Co. GA.  While there I visited a couple of thrift shops and came away with some really cute stuff.  Everything you see here for $14.00.

This little guy was only $1.00.

                                 These 2 pictures were $1.00 each. 
                                    I hung them in the guest room.

                   This strawberry tray is really nice and was only $1.50.
She had one with blue colors and a hummingbird.  Now I wonder why I
                                      didn't get it as well. ???

                                       This little dish was ten cents.
                    This pitcher was $3.00.  Handpainted in Portugal.

This cute little fellow was $2.00.  He matches the rooster on my plate that
                 I bought at the same store a couple of months ago.

                 I love these wire chickens.  The eggs are made of wood.
 This was a fun trip to the thrift store and gave me some new goodies to play with.  The wire chicken, tray and rooster were added to the hutch in the kitchen.  Everything in this hutch belonged to my mother in law except the angel, bird house and the items I purchased today.  She had some great items
for decorating, but most were packed in boxes.  It's so much fun to go through the boxes and come up with "new to me" treasures.  I will be sharing some other items I have found that were hers in future blogs.  I found an awesome
treasure that I am so excited about.  Coming soon!!

Hope you're finding some great thrifty treasures.

I'm linking to Linda's party, junkin' finds.  Bring your treasures and come too.  It's lots of fun!!!

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