Monday, January 24, 2011

For the Birds

I cleaned off the top of my cabinets the other day and had fun moving some of my 'pretties' to different areas.  Here is a little vignette I placed in a corner on the countertop.
The tray is a consignment store find and had been on the top of the cabinets for a long time.  I decided it needed to be placed where it is easier to see and enjoy.  I haven't had the little beige roosters that long.  The white pitcher with the raffia was given to me by my sister a long time ago, and the yellow pitcher with the rooster on the front is a gift from a friend of mine for the past Christmas.  Don't you love the patina of the spoons tied together and standing in the yellow pitcher?  I do.

Here is the tray on top of the cabinet.  I like having it at eye level.
The above rooster plate was only $9.99 at Kirklands.  Wish I had bought 2.

I'm joining the party at Marty's for table top Tuesday.  Thanks for hosting Marty.  Please stop by for the party.

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