Sunday, January 16, 2011

Table for Two

 This is what the table in the sun room looked like yesterday.  I was organizing my napkins, runners, etc., and came across the red items, so I decided to make the table a totally valentine table and changed out the napkins and plates.  :)  I also placed a lovely cupids figurine under the dome I made from Habitat items.

The windows in this room face the East and look out on to a view of gentle 

rolling hills. The morning sun streams in and warms the room.

 I have had this little cupids piece for a very long time.  I think I got it at Eckerd Drugs years ago.  It's not even Eckerd Drugs anymore.  It's now Rite Aid. I think they had cuter things a long time ago than they do now.
The flowers in this bouquet are from Dollar Tree, as is the ribbon and garland.  I received roses from my husband in the vase a number of years ago.
 The little red bird nest is an old Christmas decoration.  I've probably had it for 25 years or more.  I have quite a few of them.  They're pretty sitting on the branches of the Christmas tree.
 The napkin is from Wal Mart, napkin rings from Good Will, and the little cupid here was also bought at Eckerd Drugs years ago.
 This is a view of the entire table.
 Notice I've added the glasses in this photo. (Change, change, change.  :)  )

 I made this little stand from a candle stick and an old plate I bought at Habitat Restore.  I've had the doilies a long time.  The dome is from Habitat too.
  I am joining Marty at for Table Top Tuesday;
Susan at for Metamorphosis Monday, and for Rednesday!

Please pay all these sweet ladies a visit.  You're sure to be inspired!!  Thanks to all of them for hosting!

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