Saturday, February 5, 2011

Rose's Gift

 A few weeks ago, Rose from the blog  Second Hand Rose,  notified me by mistake that I had won her giveaway.  When we realized the error, she insisted that she was going to send me a consolation prize.  I told her it was not a problem and that she really did not need to do that, but being the sweetie that she is, she did it anyway.

Today the precious gift arrived.  It is the most delicate and lovely little pin dish from her personal collection.  See how pretty it looks.
Isn't it so lovely?  The pastel flowers and gold trim are just beautiful.  Thank you Rose.  I treasure this little pretty already and have moved it to the top of the display shelf, since I have a little 4 year old granddaughter who would love to "hold" it. 

I remembered a tiny easel I had and it works perfectly to hold this sweet little gift.

Rose you are a sweetheart and thank you again for the lovely gift.  I will always treasure it!

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