Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Thrifty But Nice

I stopped by the Good Will on Thursday and found a couple of cute items.  These two silver candle holders were $.99 each. 

 This little wire basket will look pretty in an Easter vignette.  Can't wait to use it. 
 The handle has this twisted wire.  So cute!!!  The basket was $2.72.  I spent a total of $5.00 plus tax and really like these items.

We went to South Georgia over the weekend and I visited the Treasure Hut Thrift Shop.  Had great luck there as well.

The little dish, roses, and cover were my finds there.  The dish is Limoge, the roses are Princess House, and the little cover is etched. (sorry it doesn't show up).  The roses were $1.00 each, the dish was $2.50 (perfect condition), and the little cover was also $1.00.  Got all these pieces for $4.50!!!  Isn't it so cute?  They were not displayed together, not even on the same tables.  I just walked through and found all the pieces separately.  I think if the owners had the imagination, they could have displayed together and priced it at twice what I paid. They hadn't even thought of it, because when I placed them on the counter to pay, I arranged them this way, and they just had a fit over how pretty it looked.  DUH!!!   I was so thrilled with these finds.

Don't you love it when you find nice things at the thrift shop and Good Will?  I love it!

Going over to Kim's at Savvy Southern Style for her Wow Us Wednesday Party.  You must come by and see all the wonderful posts!  It's an amazing party!  Thanks so much Kim for hosting this fab party!

On Friday, stop by Linda's for Junkin' Finds Friday.  It's always so much fun!  I'll be joining in and so should you!  Thank you Linda for the invitation!

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