Sunday, March 27, 2011

Thrifty Table Decor

I was in a thrift shop recently and saw a table cloth I really liked.  The sign on the window indicated that items with a red dot were 1/2 price.  The tablecloth was $5.00 and had a red dot.  The cashier was color blind I guess.  She said the dot was orange.  So, I didn't buy the table cloth.  But I just kept thinking I should have bought it.  Friday on my lunch hour I decided I would go in and if they still had it, I would buy it, It was still there. Friday, the color for half price items was yellow.  The tablecloth was still marked with the red dot so I figured I would pay the full $5.00 price.    I took it to the cashier and she rang it up at 1/2 price, $2.50.  Whoo-hoo!!!  Guess it just depends on the mood of the cashier.  :)  Maybe the color of the day doesn't really matter????     Whatever the reason I got it and for the price I wanted to pay!! 

Isn't it pretty?  It had no stains or anything wrong with it.  A great buy!

 See how it matches the rug?  I bought the rug several years ago from a consignment shop for $40.00.  It is really well made.
The other day, I changed the center piece on the dining room table from the silver service to this floral arrangement.  It is also a consignment purchase for $20.00 a couple of years ago.  

Joining in the newbie party at Debbie Doo's.  Please drop by for a visit!  Thanks Debbie for hosting this party!

Joining Marty for Tabletop Tuesday.

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