Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thrifty Finds

You will never believe what I found at Dollar General today!!!  A home decor book.  The kind you see in Lowe's that usually sell for $18.00 and up.   Drum roll..........  $7.00!  Now you know how I love home decor books.  I have quite a collection and in fact this is the 3rd one I've bought this week.  I got 2 more at Good Will for $2.50 each.  They are older though and not nearly as current as this one.  So check out your DG and see if you can find these books! 

The topic is how to arrange your collections.  It's full of great ideas!

While in Good Will Thursday at lunch, I found a piece of fabric, almost 3 yards for $3.53. It had already been laundered.  I used it to recover the cushions on my screened porch.  I failed to take before pictures, but they were white with a beige square and DIRTY!!!!

They look so much cleaner now.  I'm proud of how they turned out.  I simply cut around the cushions, and sewed seams on each end leaving them like an envelope so I can take them off easily when they need to be washed.

One last thing to share.  My husband always notices and compliments things I do in the house, but sometimes he really likes something and will compliment me numerous times.  This is something I did a few weeks ago that he has mentioned several times.  He even asked if I had put it on my blog.  So, I am doing that today, just for him.

All I did was put a rose garland on the plate stand sitting on the breakfast bar.  Anyway, he loves it, and that makes me happy!

Have a great week everyone!!!

I will be linking up to some great parties this week.  So come along for the fun!

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These ladies are wonderful hostesses and so nice to invite us every week!

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