Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sharing Vintage

Please join me in the party over at Debra's.  You'll find plenty of inspiration there.  Here are a few vintage items I've used in my decor.

 I love these little vintage tables.  I found this one at an antique store and painted it white.  I really enjoy decorating it.
I'm not sure how old this bowl and ewer are, but it has a vintage look regardless of its age.
 I think this little Limoge plate has a vintage look.  I bought it for $1.00 at a thrift store. The little dome was also a dollar.
 These old chippy dishes belonged to my mother and my mother in law.  I know they are old.  The creamy color is so wonderful.  I remember eating off the white plate when I was little, and believe me, I'm vintage.  :)

Don't forget now, come over to Common Ground and join in the party!

Have a great weekend y'all!!!

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