Sunday, May 1, 2011

Springtime and Birds

Here in the South, we know Spring has arrived when we hear the birds singing in the trees!  I think they have arrived at my house.  

I've recently been on a "bird-buying" spree, all bought at a great price of course.  I've bought brown birds, green birds, yellow birds, white birds......all kinds of birds.  I also dragged out a set of "bird" pictures I bought years ago from Home Interior.  Sharing all my birds with you!!
This little bird is from Dollar Tree ($1.00).

This little guy came from Ross.  $3.99.

I love this yellow bird.  I bought him at Chic or Shabby Shop.  I think he cost about $6.00.

This bird came from Kirkland's.  I don't remember how much I gave for him. 

This little fellow is from Cracker Barrell.

Another Cracker Barrell bird.
The white birds are from Dollar Tree and the brown one came from a local antique shop.
This grouping is from Home Interior quite a few years ago.

This little green fella is from Michael's.

Another from the Dollar Tree.

I really think I can stop buying birds now!  Looks like I have plenty!!!

I'm joining in the party at Homemaker on a Dime, because I've always decorated on a dime,
Show off your cottage Monday at The house in the roses.

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