Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Old Well Bucket

My siblings and I grew up poor.  We had enough to eat, a decent home, but no money to spend.  We had a large vegetable garden and learned to help Mama prepare and freeze the veggies to eat in the Winter months.  Wonderful food.  Little meat, but we didn't really miss it. 

We lived in a rural area. During the Winter months if the water pipes froze we just had to wait until they thawed to have running water.  Thankfully, we could still get water by drawing it from the well.   The well was in an outside building that we called the well-house,  that also housed the wringer type washer, and the wash tubs.
While poking around in the basement the other day, I found our old well bucket.  This bucket was tied to a rope, lowered into the well, then pulled up once it filled with water.  There was a round wooden windlass with an iron handle that was used to pull the bucket up.   Once the water was brought out of the well,  it was poured into another pail to carry it into the house.  A wooden cover was slid back across the well structure, and the bucket would sit on the cover until we needed water again.

I decided I should bring that water bucket upstairs so I could enjoy it.  
I filled it with faux geraniums for the table on the screened porch.  Now I can enjoy seeing it.

You can see the stains on the bucket......the red clay of Georgia.
This reminds me to be thankful for all the conveniences we enjoy today.

Did any of  you ever "draw" water?

I'm joining in the party at house in the roses, 
and Donna for  Down Memory Lane  

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