Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Genuine Bell Jar

I love cloches.  I mean, what's not to love.  I suddenly have quite a collection but my latest one is a real beauty with loads of potential.  I saw it last week at one of my "lunch hour haunts".....priced $22.00.  I had already spotted the wire cloche, the one that I almost "bulldozed" very gracefully stepped around a woman to grab, so I decided I didn't really need to spend any more money.
Here it is....such a cutie!
Well, can you believe that all week-end I thought about the other cloche.... alot!  I kept saying to myself, "Self, why did you have to be such a tightwad, after all, it's NOT that much money". I was beating myself up for not getting it while I was there.

Now we all know there's an unwritten rule in blogland.  You know the one.  If you go back to the shop a second time and it's still there, you are MEANT, even DESTINED to have it!!  It's true.  I was taught this by some of the best bloggers around!!

Wouldn't you know, the shop is closed on Mondays so I had a whole extra day to fret!  Needless to say, today I took my lunch hour a little early and sped drove very carefully back to the shop.  First booth on the right....there it was!  Divine destiny!  I was meant to have it!

So, tonight that little baby is sitting on my dining room table in all its shining glory!  I admit, the items under it will probably change a time or two (ahem).   But at this moment ........

 I'm going to have lots of fun with this little beauty!

 Check back soon!  You know it's going to change frequently!

That was yesterday.........
Whoops!  Already changing!  :)

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

From Spring Pinks to Summer Blues

It was time for a different look for the front door, so I took an old wreath with pink flowers on it and re-worked it.  Took the pink flowers off, put on a fresh coat of heirloom white spray paint, pulled out some of my blue hydrangeas to decorate my blue door!  

This is the old wreath I updated.

 Here is the current version.

The pink arrangement shown here.... replaced with this.

I'm enjoying the change!

 Cost of this!!!!  
My kinda decorating!

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Topsy Turvy Table Tops

I've been moving things around (like always) and am sharing some of the table vignettes throughout the house.  I'll be linking up with Marty for Tabletop Tuesday. She hosts the best parties!

Added this crystal pitcher which is a gift from our dear neighbors at Lake Seminole.

Moved the cake stand to the dining room and added the apple and pear.

Painted this little Good Will tool box.  ($1.91) 

Don't you love this little silver coffeepot filled with roses?  I like the tarnished look.  This sits in the sun room.
Hope you've enjoyed this little tour today! 

Come back soon!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

A New Cloche

Just look what I found at Chic or Shabby Shop this week.  I spotted it from a distance and made a bee-line straight to it.  Another lady was in the area looking, and I was just scurrying over there as fast as I could saying, "Lord, don't let her see it!"!!!  Is that bad???  I mean really, if she'd picked it up, I would have been really sad.  Luckily, she kept walking.  Whew!!!  I think it is so pretty.  Don't you???

I think I'm going to make some changes to the little bird, add some color, or stain.  
 I'm linking up to Funky Junk Interiors for her Saturday Night Special party.  Hope to see you there!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Thrifting and Changes in the Jelly Cupboard

I took the day off from work and stopped in at a favorite consignment shop.  They had some great buys and I saw lots of things I liked, but I only brought one item home with me. I only gave $19.00 for it, marked down from $29.00.

Couldn't decide where I wanted to hang this, so I sat it on the mantel for now.  I like the change. 
This shows the entire mantel.

Added items to the wire basket, beads, seashell, etc.

 The spots on the windows is rain, not dirt!  :)

I decided to change up the jelly cupboard.  I'd had the yellow canister set on top of the cupboard with a yellow plate, and a picture with yellows.

I decided to put the canister set inside the cupboard and take some of the other items out.  Here's what I came up with.

While I was at it, I changed out the arrangement on the table in the entryway.

That's probably enough changes for one day!

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Good Stewardship

Just wanted to announce a blog I'd really love for you to check out.  It's called the Purposeful Purse.  It's about saving money, couponing, and just being good stewards of the things with which God has blessed us.  It's written by my daughter, Pam.  I'd really love for you to check it out and become a follower!  You'll find out about some great money-saving deals. 

Click here to link up.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Cloches Everywhere

In anticipation of the party at Marty's I gathered a few cloches together and here they are!!    She's such a sweetheart for inviting us to her place.  Be sure to come over!

My favorite cloche!  Love the cake stand too!
The sign in the bird's mouth says "joy". 
Little roo under this cloche!
A chalk apple hides under this cloche.  It sits on a sweet plate.
Another favorite.  The plate, dome, and roses are all from thrift shop in S. GA.  A total of $1.50!  Love this one!

Here it sits in the jelly cupboard.
I made this little plate pedestal.   Little green bird from Michael's.

My sweet little cupid sits under this cloche!  

Here it is without the doilies.
This cloche covers a candle sitting on my angel pedestal.

Here this metal garden shelf is a great cloche when turned upside down!!!

 Don't forget the cloche in my header picture!

Hope you've enjoyed my presentation for the cloche party!  Can't wait to see yours!

Caddy Changes

 Just look at this cute little chicken trivet I bought at the consignment shop.

I was sitting at the breakfast bar last Sunday morning eating my breakfast and looking at the beautiful colors in the trivet.  I had already moved the trivet to sit beside this caddy from an antique store.

Well, as  usual, I thought about switching that little rooster plate out for the chicken trivet.  

As I sat there munching on my bacon, I remembered this tiny remnant of material I had with the exact colors found in the trivet.  So........I got that little remnant out and measured it, and cut it into 4 squares, just the right size for napkins. After much cussin'  "discussion" with my sewing machine, I hemmed those little napkins, pressed them, and placed them in the caddy with the sweet little trivet, and this is the new look.  Now isn't this better?  I think so.

Joining in the party at The House in the Roses.  Please come by and have a look at all the inspiring ideas.

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