Monday, July 18, 2011

Cloches Everywhere

In anticipation of the party at Marty's I gathered a few cloches together and here they are!!    She's such a sweetheart for inviting us to her place.  Be sure to come over!

My favorite cloche!  Love the cake stand too!
The sign in the bird's mouth says "joy". 
Little roo under this cloche!
A chalk apple hides under this cloche.  It sits on a sweet plate.
Another favorite.  The plate, dome, and roses are all from thrift shop in S. GA.  A total of $1.50!  Love this one!

Here it sits in the jelly cupboard.
I made this little plate pedestal.   Little green bird from Michael's.

My sweet little cupid sits under this cloche!  

Here it is without the doilies.
This cloche covers a candle sitting on my angel pedestal.

Here this metal garden shelf is a great cloche when turned upside down!!!

 Don't forget the cloche in my header picture!

Hope you've enjoyed my presentation for the cloche party!  Can't wait to see yours!

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