Vintage Treasures

Look at this sweet scarf.  I'm not sure who made it, but it belonged to my MIL.  I think she may have crocheted the trim.  Isn't it delicate?

 I've started a new collection of aqua canning jars.  I now have three, so it qualifies as a collection.  I found one this week at good will for $1.91 minus 25% for senior day.  :)
It's missing the lid, but an antique store I visit has some lids so I hope to replace the missing ones.  This electrical regulator belonged to my FIL.  He was an electrician for the city where he lived. 

I think this magnifying glass looks vintage. 

My family's old vintage well bucket.

My mom's vintage pie cupboard.

This plate is vintage, 1930's.  I found it for fifty cents at a thrift shop.

Hope your week-end is the best. 

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Thanks for hosting Debra!

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