Pitchers and Teapots

Today I am sharing a collection of pitchers and a couple of teapots I have. 

This pitcher and bowl sits in the guest room.

This crystal pitcher is a gift from friends.

  This depression glass pitcher was my Grandmother's.

 The yellow pitcher was a gift, and the fruit pitcher was a consignment shop purchase.

The pitcher with the stripes belonged to my MIL.  I bought the white one with fretwork at Ross, and the green floral one was bought at a thrift shop.
I bought the white cup with the raffia tie in the late 70's in a gift shop where I worked.  The writing says: "Love grows in a happy heart".

 Not sure where I got the beige pitcher, maybe WalMart years ago.  The green one was a gift from a co-worker, and the yellow with grapes, I believe I bought at Good Will.

This is part of a four-piece set I bought at a thrift shop.

This silver pot was my MIL's.

Good Will for $1.91 I think.

 This was my MIL's too.

I had never thought about being a pitcher/teapot collector, but I think I qualify, and the fun part is I have VERY little money invested in this collection, probably a total of $20-$25.  Isn't it wonderful to have nice pieces and not break the bank?  I think so.

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