Tuesday, September 20, 2011

God's Green Acres

Hubby and I rode the 'mule' (kawasaki vehicle) up on the hill at the back of our house Sunday afternoon and I shot a few pictures for you.  In some of them you can see the mountains just North of us.   (All pictures can be enlarged by clicking).

 The gray house is ours.  The other two are neighbors.  See the mountains in the distance.

A little closer view.  You can see the huge lawn mower hubby uses to keep all this grass mowed.

 This view captures my daughter's home.

 Front view of daughter's home.  

This is a shot of the front of our house as you come down the drive.  Hubby keeps all this grass mowed, and an additional 3 acres that belongs to our grandson.  

 A couple more shots from 'out back'.

Nothing like living in the North Georgia Mountains!!!

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