Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Table Transformation with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

I've been looking for a small table to use at the lake for my computer.  I like to blog sitting on the love seat there, but I needed a table to use to set the computer on.  I saw several I liked at a favorite shop on last week,  but didn't buy one.  I decided I would use the ASCP on one I already had.  I bought this table several years ago at K Mart.  They had priced it wrong and went ahead and sold it to me for either 15 or 19 dollars.  It was supposed to be $49 I believe, but someone had put a big sign above it marked at the lower price.  When I told them they sent someone back to check and found the lower price sign so they honored that price.  I've used it for lots of things, but mostly in the sun room.  Recently it has been on the screened porch.  It had gotten stained over the years.  You can see the corner of the table in this picture.  It had a  floral design painted on the table top and also on the drawer front.

I painted one good coat of Old White on the table and got terrific coverage.  Then I took a sanding block and sanded a few areas to let the green show through.  It really looks so much better to me.  I haven't glazed or waxed it yet.  Not sure I will.

I'm keeping it in the sun room until our next trip to the lake.  I think I'm really going to enjoy having it for my computer and all my 'stuff'.

I am not a good painter at all, but I have really good luck with ASCP.  I've used about 1/2 of my quart and have redone 2 tables, a bookcase, and several small items.  I just love this paint!!!
Have you tried ASCP yet??  If not, get you some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and start painting!

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