Friday, September 2, 2011

Vintage Discoveries

Today I am joining Honey for her Potpourri Party, so I am sharing a potpourri of items.  We are currently at our South GA home where it is 100 degrees on our back porch.  Hot, Hot, Hot!!!! I've been rambling through storage drawers and run across quite a few interesting items that belonged to my mother in law.

Love this story book, Three Bedtime Stories.  Copyright 1958.  It has three stories, The Three Little Kittens, Three Little Bears, and Three Little Pigs.

Aren't these pictures so cute?  What child wouldn't want this book read to them?  So sweet!
The book is in perfect condition.  
While going through things I also found several Bibles that were coming apart I tied them together with a piece of jute string.

  Found these little shoes.  We think my husband must have worn them when he was little.  I put up these two little cupid shelves to place them on.

 How about this amber punch bowl set?  Not even a chip!!

 This pipe and tobacco jar belonged to my husband's Uncle Seville.

Pyrex bowl, lovely shade of green.

This mirror looks like it's really old.  Do you think it's Wedgewood?

Found all these vintage items without leaving home or spending any money!

PS:  I did some checking on the mirror.  It's a vanity mirror sold by Avon. 

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