Friday, February 3, 2012

Let Your Light Shine

It's so fascinating to note how various lamps cast their light in different ways.  

The rooster lamp gives off a bright light, and is one of our favorites.  This photo was taken after dark but you can see how much light is in the room.

This lamp gives off very little light, yet provides a warmness to the area.

 This lamp is shown a few photos down, and gives off an entirely different glow. 

In the photo above, the small lamp gives off lots of light against the white book case and casts the light upward.

 The buffet lamp above doesn't cast light on a wide area, but gives lots of ambiance to the area where it sits.

The light of this lamp is cast mostly downward.

Then there is the sunlight.  It casts shadows across this table, in a way no lamp can. 

Have you ever noticed this?  Do you use lamps to create a certain ambiance in an area?

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