Saturday, February 18, 2012

Spring Into Spring

I realize I may be rushing things, but I've been longing for Spring.  After the reds of Christmas and then Valentine's Day, it's time for some lighter colors.

So....this morning, I got busy and made a few changes in the dining room and sun room.  Here are a few shots of the changes.

First, the dining room......
 I removed the runner made from drop cloth fabric and burlap ribbon.
This runner is a piece of fabric that I found at my favorite consignment shop.

I brought out the little "Spring" box that I bought last year.

Here's my favorite bird house.  I re-painted it last year, adding the pink and green.

Then I brought out the little rabbit, cloche, and the green bird.  The plant is a spider plant.  A co-worker gave me a cutting off hers.  Can't wait until it gets larger.
 This tablecloth was bought at a thrift shop last year.
 The rabbit family was bought at the consignment sale my daughter had a while back.

I painted this plate stand with ORB. It was an ugly gray color. 

Don't you feel better when things are lighter and brighter?

One other reason I want Spring to hurry.......six weeks until my retirement!!

I'll be partying with Donna at Funky Junk Interiors,

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