Friday, March 30, 2012

It's Official

As of 5:00 PM, EST, I am officially retired!  Twenty four years with the Georgia Department of Public Health!  Up until I went to work for the State, I had worked part-time jobs so that I could be available for my daughter's needs while she grew up.  I worked as an accountant for my first 25 years in the work force, often working for two or three companies at the time.  I was able to go to my daughter's activities, serve as grade mother during her elementary years, and watch her when she was cheer leader.  I'm thankful for those years.  When I was 36, I decided I needed a job with benefits including retirement, and was hired at the second interview I went to.  I first worked for Mental Health (Substance Abuse).  I was a Secretary I at the beginning, transferred to Public Health in 1994, and ended my career as a Confidential Secretary to the District Health Director of a 13 county region. Confidential Secretary is a title which is the same as an Executive Assistant.  I had decided to have this past Wednesday be my last day, and had requested no retirement reception, but my boss, coworkers and daughter sent me off in grand style.  Just look at all this!  Unbelievable!!
First up is the arrangement my sweet daughter sent me.  Look at the pottery!  It is so beautiful!!  I can see this showing up in lots of vignettes.

Tulips from my boss.

 Pot of succulents also from my boss.

One of my co-workers gave me this signed and numbered Gayle Strider print, dated 1985.  Isn't it gorgeous??  Gotta get it framed.
The same co-worker gave me this hydrangea.

This Celebrating Home reed diffuser is from a very special co-worker. It smells so wonderful, and looks nice in my powder room!

 This lovely scarf is from the accountants!  Love this color!

In addition, the nurses, my daughter and I went to lunch and they gave me a generous gift card. 

Can you believe all this?   

Retirement! Ahhhhhhhhh! 

I'll be linking to Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound!  

Saturday AM:
Back to add two more photos to Pink Saturday.

The winner of the Easter Bonnet Contest at her daycare
is Rheagan Dalton, my granddaughter.  She and her Mom (my daughter) made her bonnet from newspaper, ribbon (which they painted, it was all white), and live flowers.


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