Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Decorating with Vintage Items

We came back home to North Georgia today in order to get the yards back in shape here.  We kind of run back and forth during the Spring and Summer, trying to keep everything looking good.  Boy do we have a job ahead of us here!  I know what we'll be doing the rest of this week.

While we were in South Georgia, hubby decided to clean out one of the storage/tool buildings.  So, I went out to see if there was anything I needed to save from the trash, and lo and behold, I found a few trinkets needing some spray paint and a new purpose in life!

First up, is this rake, minus the handle.  It was rusty, which is good, but I wanted to make it pretty.  So, there just happened to be a can of glossy white spray paint in the shed.  I painted two coats on the rake, took it inside, and wired this little floral swag I already had on to it and made it a wall decoration.  (I've been editing photos in Picasa too, so these photos show some of their new effects).

 I think this is a great way to repurpose an old rake, don't you?

I also noticed two old metal funnels that were about to go in the trash.  I didn't spray paint them.  One is completely rusty and I washed them and put them on the book case.

 I love the contrast against the old silver colored tray I found and gave an update with the same spray paint.

This tray is of decent quality, but not silver.  It was stuck down in a box with some plastic ware, so it got a coat of paint too.

 I love the varied textures in this photo, wood, metal, hobnail glass, and silk roses.  

 This little arrangement was purchased about 10 years ago at Michael's.
 Look at this old electric percolator.  Wonder how many pots of coffee have been made in this pot.  I ran across this in a cabinet when we were going through my Mother in law's things.
 This old sifter has the name Bromwell's on the side.  It just screams vintage to me.  I believe it was probably from the fifties.  

I hope you've enjoyed looking at the vintage rake, funnels, tray, coffee pot, sifter and hobnail vase.  I was able to create several vignettes, and a decoration for the wall, and did not spend a cent!  I love to look through old items and figure out something new to do with them, and if it beautifies my home, then all the better!

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