Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"Tired, but it's a good tired"

Whew!  I'm too pooped to pop!!! We had an outdoor workday today.  Hubby pressure washed the front porch, mud room stoop, and the patio outside the basement.  While he did all that, I re-painted our front porch rockers, and a small table to go between the rockers.  I moved some of my plants around to the screened porch.  I had some on the front porch, and some on the screened porch.  Now most of them are on the screened porch.  It will make it easier to water them plus we can see them from the family room.  I also mowed about 2 acres of yard, and threw a flower arrangement together for the front porch.   I re-painted the rockers because I had painted them earlier in the Spring with a flat black paint.  That just didn't look good.  So today, they got a coat of glossy black paint.  So much better!!

These steps lead to the mud room.  My verbena wasn't doing well on the front porch, so I will see if it does better with more sun.  Those are my tomato plants on the little stoop. 
  This area is between the front steps and the mud room stoop.
The little figurine on the bench was purchased at Kirkland's several years ago.  It is a bird feeder.
 Here is the arrangement I made.  These Dollar Tree flowers were left over from other projects, as is the urn.  I spray painted the urn, and just filled it up.  So it's a no-cost arrangement.
I have had this cloth a very long time.  I just looked in my stash for something to use.  When I painted the table, I just did not try to cover it fully.  I left the edges chippy.

I like having a lot of my plants in a group.  This old nail keg was in my Mother's wash house for years.  I recently painted it white, and was going to stencil it, but haven't done so yet.  The keg has to be over 50 years old.  I topped it with glass that I already had.

 We're tired, but it's what Hubby calls "a good tired".  :) 
Do you understand that phrase?  I'm sure you do.  It's good to look around and be able to see all you have accomplished.

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Saturday, May 26, 2012


Hoosier or baker's cabinets have been around since the early 1900's.  My mother had one in her kitchen.  I remember the flour bin, the metal drawer and
the porcelain work surface trimmed with red.  The drawer pulls were also red.  At some point in time, the top of the Hoosier was removed.  I think my Dad may have traded it to the next door neighbor along with a wash-stand for a set of cabinets for the kitchen.  (If my memory is correct).

Anyway, I came to have the bottom of the Hoosier cabinet.  It has set in the basement of the two homes I have owned for 25 or 30 years.  I'm sorry to say it was in horrible condition.   I recently decided I would at least clean it up a bit and paint it.  So here is what it looked like before. 

What a mess!!!  I know, it was horrible.

The condition was so poor, and the wood so soft, I was afraid to do a lot of sanding.  However, I sanded it lightly before and after priming it.  Here is a shot of the work surface.  You can see the chips and stains.

Here it is with after a coat of primer has been put on. Looking a little better.

I was unable to get the handles to sand very well, but I spray painted them back to their original red.  (They had been painted white).

This little project was not without it's share of aggravation!  There was only 1 caster on it and it was rusted and the wheel was wood.  Wood....I couldn't believe it!  Of course it needed four new ones.  I bought the wrong casters for it, the wrong hinges for the doors, all the little nuisances.  Finally I got the right ones, and got them on, but only after sanding, priming, sanding again, priming again, and putting on 2 coats of paint...whew!!  Finally it looks a little better. 

Today we brought it up to the mud room and I am using it to store Tupperware, and plastic storage containers.  The bottom is not in good enough shape to store anything heavy, but placing all the plastic ware in it did free up a couple of shelves so I could rearrange my pots and pans.  I will eventually replace the bottom.  So far the only money I have spent is for the casters, hinges and a magnetic closure, so approximately $15.00.  I already had the primer and paint.

 Here is how it looks now.

This spot in the mud room is the exact length of the cabinet.  Perfect spot!

I kinda like the chipped porcelain.

I would really like to find the top half of a Hoosier for sale.  But for now, I'll enjoy my "half-a-Hoosier" and remember my Mom when I see it.

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Let's Go to the Lake

Today I am sharing a few areas at our little get-away.  The furniture there is a combination of pieces my husband had, and some that were in his family for years.  We saw no need to buy new when we had so much stuff already, so we made what we had work.  

Just look at this old antique vanity dresser.  I just love the round mirror with the scalloped trim.  The stack of books are actual ones I found going through my MIL's things.  I tied them up with string.

If you'll look in the mirror, you will see the matching chest of drawers, although it looks more black.  Do you see the trim on the front of the dresser drawers? 

The area where the little angel sits, opens up.  I'm not sure what those were used for.  Maybe to store jewelry??? There is one on each side.  Unfortunately all the knobs had been replaced. 

The twin beds that my husband and his brother slept on when they were small boys are in the room.  The linens are quite old, but in fabulous condition.

These cabinets hang over a small desk area in the kitchen/dining room.  I have it filled with vintage dishes that also belonged to my MIL.  The red boards on top are a side of a very old Radio Flyer wagon.  The picture is very old too, and shows a farm house on an old dirt road with wobbly mail boxes.  It is a favorite of mine, depicting a much simpler time.  The goose is wood, one I found at a yard sale for a few dollars.  You can see the carnival glass punch bowl.  It, all the cups, and ladle are there, in perfect condition.  I also found it, while going through my MIL's things.

 Don't you love the hen in the basket atop the fridge?  It is a ceramic/chalk hen.  My husband's Mom had it for years.  I found the two fruit plates at a consignment shop for a dollar each.  See the old "grease" container on top of the cabinet to the left?

I hope you enjoying our visit to the little home (MH) at Lake Seminole. Let's sit on the porch for a while.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Simple, No Cost, No Sew, Mini-Lamp Makeover

Quite some time back, I sewed a shade cover for my rooster lamp out of burlap and cotton trim.  I had quite a bit of the materials left over, and decided to use the scraps to recover this little lamp shade.  You can see that the shade has seen better days, maybe a little water damage.

I gathered my supplies together, glue gun,  scissors, glue stick, burlap, and trim.

 At first I tried wrapping some burlap garland around the shade, but it raveled too much, and didn't give the look I wanted, so I switched to burlap fabric.

 I simply wrapped the burlap around the shade and cut accordingly, allowing enough fabric to fold over and glue down.

I then placed the burlap on the shade at the seam area and ran a bead of hot glue on the shade, and attached the burlap.  Next, I folded the burlap over at the top and bottom of the shade and glued it in place, making little tucks in the burlap to adjust it to fit the shade.  Once the glue dried, I simply wrapped the trim around the top and bottom of the shade and cut the length needed to go around the shade.  I glued one end down, wrapped the trim back around the edge and glued that down, and there you have a new shade cover for the mini light.  

Isn't it a cutie???  This tiny lamp is surprisingly heavy.

It matches the shade on the rooster lamp.  They are both used in the dining room.  

Cost of project: zero, zilch, nada.  

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Changing and Rearranging

I've been moving things around again.  I rearranged the family room a couple of weeks ago. Switched some shelves around, then yesterday, I rearranged some tabletops.

Here are some of the changes.

I liked the way the family room was arranged, but it was rather crowded on one end, so I decided it was time for a change.  We don't use these french doors, so furniture placement is not a big deal.

I moved the accent table from it's old spot where the love seat sits to the wall where the recliner was.  The love seat was sitting where the recliner is.  This opened up quite a bit of room and allows traffic to go through the door you see to the breakfast nook and sun room.  That area was blocked by the love seat and recliner.  I'm enjoying the more open arrangement.

You'll also notice that I changed out the table top in the corner. I switched the tall lamp with the burgundy shade with the rooster lamp in the dining room.
I decided to move some white items under the magnolia picture and move the darker colors elsewhere in the house.   "Don't know if I like this".

I decided I did not like the rooster lamp in the family room, so I brought the same lamp I had back and switched the shade for one with a basket weave and also revamped the items on the table.  Below is the 'latest' version of this rearrange.
I like this version much better.  I like the look I achieved by adding the rustic lamp shade to the fancy base.  A brand new look!!
  I plan to add some white hydrangeas to the pitcher.

I switched out a tall shelf in the powder room with this white bookcase I painted with ASCP Olde White.  Everything in the powder room is now white except for some of the accessories. All accessories were thrifty finds.

This mirror was black, but I updated it some time ago with ASCP Olde White also.

Have you changed or rearranged anything recently?  I'd love to see what you've done!!

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Friday, May 18, 2012

A Miniature Garden

I think the little fairy gardens everyone is making are so cute.  So I made one....sort of.  I received this pot of succulents from my boss a couple of months ago when I retired.  I looked through a couple of drawers of "junk" for some small items to add to it to make it a garden.

I found the Saint Joseph given to us by our former realtor.  You may or may not be familiar with the story that if you want to sell a home, you need to bury a Saint Joseph in the ground in front of the home.  When hubby and I first married, we had 3 homes between us, and something needed to go.  We decided to sell the older home near Atlanta.  It stayed on the market for what seemed like forever.  So, our realtor bought a Saint Joseph and planted it in the yard and shortly after, the home sold. (Now granted, it probably had nothing to do with the St. Joseph), but it's kinda neat to think it did. She gave us the statute as a symbol of good luck. 

I placed the statute, a rose, seashell, and a turquoise sand dollar paperweight in the dish garden.  Not little fairies, and not miniature furniture, but I think it's kinda cute.  What do you think?

While I was going through the drawers looking for small items, I came across this bird/nest that is actually a Christmas tree ornament.  I added it to the shabby "gate"  hanging in the sun room.

Tweaking your decor doesn't have to cost a dime.   I think the red bird adds a delightful spot of color and I like that the St. Joseph has found a place in the dish garden.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Found: A New Consignment Store

I have been wanting to go back to the Hen's Nest Consignment Store about 30 miles away.  So finally today, I decided to drive there.  I walked through it a couple of times but didn't buy anything.  They had a couple of things I would love to have, but y'all know how cheap I am, so I talked myself right out of them.  :(  As I was sitting at a traffic light to turn left to start back home, I was looking at the shops across the way, when what to my wandering eyes should appear, but a HUGE Consignment Shop that I had not heard about!  Now what's up with that!  Anyway, I just drove straight over there and had myself a look-see.  Oh my..... lots of clothing, but also lots of home decor items.  Be still my heart!! I just took my time and browsed through.  Now, some of the items were priced like new, but some had decent prices.  So a couple of smalls did come home with me.  Seven dollars and forty-seven cents worth to be exact.  Wanna see what I bought??

This hat box (still had the original store tag on it).  I thought it would look good in my sun room on the Wilendur tablecloth that I got such a great deal on.  

 I like the way it looks with the green cloth.
Price $3.99

The only other item I purchased is this hook, which I also hung in the sun room.

I love the colors, and the robin is so pretty.

I placed it with this wall grouping.  I have a garden/bird theme going on in here.  So these two items worked out well.

I also visited an antique shop which was chock full of goodies, but extremely high prices.  I could have stayed in there for a while, but they had not turned the air on, not even ceiling fans so it was HOT and STUFFY!   I understand wanting to save on the electricity, but OMG! I'm just not going to do a lot of shopping when my hair is getting wet from the heat.  Just sayin'!!

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