Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Found: A New Consignment Store

I have been wanting to go back to the Hen's Nest Consignment Store about 30 miles away.  So finally today, I decided to drive there.  I walked through it a couple of times but didn't buy anything.  They had a couple of things I would love to have, but y'all know how cheap I am, so I talked myself right out of them.  :(  As I was sitting at a traffic light to turn left to start back home, I was looking at the shops across the way, when what to my wandering eyes should appear, but a HUGE Consignment Shop that I had not heard about!  Now what's up with that!  Anyway, I just drove straight over there and had myself a look-see.  Oh my..... lots of clothing, but also lots of home decor items.  Be still my heart!! I just took my time and browsed through.  Now, some of the items were priced like new, but some had decent prices.  So a couple of smalls did come home with me.  Seven dollars and forty-seven cents worth to be exact.  Wanna see what I bought??

This hat box (still had the original store tag on it).  I thought it would look good in my sun room on the Wilendur tablecloth that I got such a great deal on.  

 I like the way it looks with the green cloth.
Price $3.99

The only other item I purchased is this hook, which I also hung in the sun room.

I love the colors, and the robin is so pretty.

I placed it with this wall grouping.  I have a garden/bird theme going on in here.  So these two items worked out well.

I also visited an antique shop which was chock full of goodies, but extremely high prices.  I could have stayed in there for a while, but they had not turned the air on, not even ceiling fans so it was HOT and STUFFY!   I understand wanting to save on the electricity, but OMG! I'm just not going to do a lot of shopping when my hair is getting wet from the heat.  Just sayin'!!

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