Saturday, May 26, 2012


Hoosier or baker's cabinets have been around since the early 1900's.  My mother had one in her kitchen.  I remember the flour bin, the metal drawer and
the porcelain work surface trimmed with red.  The drawer pulls were also red.  At some point in time, the top of the Hoosier was removed.  I think my Dad may have traded it to the next door neighbor along with a wash-stand for a set of cabinets for the kitchen.  (If my memory is correct).

Anyway, I came to have the bottom of the Hoosier cabinet.  It has set in the basement of the two homes I have owned for 25 or 30 years.  I'm sorry to say it was in horrible condition.   I recently decided I would at least clean it up a bit and paint it.  So here is what it looked like before. 

What a mess!!!  I know, it was horrible.

The condition was so poor, and the wood so soft, I was afraid to do a lot of sanding.  However, I sanded it lightly before and after priming it.  Here is a shot of the work surface.  You can see the chips and stains.

Here it is with after a coat of primer has been put on. Looking a little better.

I was unable to get the handles to sand very well, but I spray painted them back to their original red.  (They had been painted white).

This little project was not without it's share of aggravation!  There was only 1 caster on it and it was rusted and the wheel was wood.  Wood....I couldn't believe it!  Of course it needed four new ones.  I bought the wrong casters for it, the wrong hinges for the doors, all the little nuisances.  Finally I got the right ones, and got them on, but only after sanding, priming, sanding again, priming again, and putting on 2 coats of paint...whew!!  Finally it looks a little better. 

Today we brought it up to the mud room and I am using it to store Tupperware, and plastic storage containers.  The bottom is not in good enough shape to store anything heavy, but placing all the plastic ware in it did free up a couple of shelves so I could rearrange my pots and pans.  I will eventually replace the bottom.  So far the only money I have spent is for the casters, hinges and a magnetic closure, so approximately $15.00.  I already had the primer and paint.

 Here is how it looks now.

This spot in the mud room is the exact length of the cabinet.  Perfect spot!

I kinda like the chipped porcelain.

I would really like to find the top half of a Hoosier for sale.  But for now, I'll enjoy my "half-a-Hoosier" and remember my Mom when I see it.

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