Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Simple, No Cost, No Sew, Mini-Lamp Makeover

Quite some time back, I sewed a shade cover for my rooster lamp out of burlap and cotton trim.  I had quite a bit of the materials left over, and decided to use the scraps to recover this little lamp shade.  You can see that the shade has seen better days, maybe a little water damage.

I gathered my supplies together, glue gun,  scissors, glue stick, burlap, and trim.

 At first I tried wrapping some burlap garland around the shade, but it raveled too much, and didn't give the look I wanted, so I switched to burlap fabric.

 I simply wrapped the burlap around the shade and cut accordingly, allowing enough fabric to fold over and glue down.

I then placed the burlap on the shade at the seam area and ran a bead of hot glue on the shade, and attached the burlap.  Next, I folded the burlap over at the top and bottom of the shade and glued it in place, making little tucks in the burlap to adjust it to fit the shade.  Once the glue dried, I simply wrapped the trim around the top and bottom of the shade and cut the length needed to go around the shade.  I glued one end down, wrapped the trim back around the edge and glued that down, and there you have a new shade cover for the mini light.  

Isn't it a cutie???  This tiny lamp is surprisingly heavy.

It matches the shade on the rooster lamp.  They are both used in the dining room.  

Cost of project: zero, zilch, nada.  

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