Friday, June 29, 2012

Decorating with Red

If you have held a yard sale, you know how tired I am right now.  I got up at 5:40 AM this morning to go put signs at a  BUSY highway near my home, then several others marking the way to my basement.  I decided to have it inside because it was 104 here in N.GA today!  Whew!!  That is some hot weather.  The lawn has absolutely dried up.  We desperately need rain.  Anywhoo, I only decided yesterday that I would have a yard sale today.  Luckily, I had already boxed up things for a sale (when we organized the basement), so all I had to do was pull those boxes out, and lay things out for display, and price them.  I will continue the sale again tomorrow.  I could not believe how many people came!!!! And they bought too!!  I didn't advertise in the newspaper or anything.  My daughter did put it on the school system classifieds. Although this only goes to those who work for the system.  So my traffic was almost completely from my sign on the highway!  I got rid of sooooo much stuff!!  I sold only furniture and home decor and linens.  LOTS of OLD sheets.  Went like hotcakes.  We had two dining sets (both with 4 chairs each), and I sold both, even though we really could have kept one to use when we're in the basement.  I told hubby, that I had sold our seats  right out from under us. There's just something so liberating about saying, "sure, I'll take less"!  (hee-hee).    After the sale tomorrow, I will donate the remainder to the Veterans group in our community for their sale.  They are trying to raise money to build a wall of honor.  Oh, y'all know what this all means.......I can use my money and go buy more stuff.  I'm already planning which consignment stores I'll hit.    I know y'all have heard enough about this so on with the show......

If asked to name my favorite color, I would not say red, yet I decorate with this color quite often.  

The master bedroom at our lake home is decorated with red.

The magnolia picture was bought at Kirkland's several years ago.  It is on canvas, no frame or glass, and the scroll pieces on the sides are black metal.  It is so realistic.  This comforter set is a seersucker type fabric, and is reversible.  The other side is mostly white with taupe and red window pane design. (ignore that little pink pillowcase you see peeking through).  :)

The lamp by the bed is very old.  I just bought a new shade for it.

Walk into the largest guest room, and you will find more red. (and another pink pillow peeking thru)...what's up with this.  I need to use different sheets.   This comforter is a Ralph Lauren, which was one of my very first consignment purchases.  

Back at home in the mountains, there is more red.  This shows the inside of the jelly cupboard.  The inside color is original to the piece.

Love the interest the red roses add to this table setting.

A red sign in the laundry room.

My vintage "Gordon's" Jar.

Here is more red--on the hoosier and in the artwork in the mud room.

Do you find that you do this?  I guess red is a favorite color of mine after all.  At least it seems to be.

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Thanks ladies for hosting!!!
Happy July 4 everyone!

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