Tuesday, July 31, 2012

No Cost Bench Project

Today I am sharing a little bench I bought from Habersham Plantations Furniture many years ago, probably 20 years.  When it was purchased, it was a country blue.  I think the shape of the bench is what drew me to it.  It has been all over the place since then, has been many different colors.  I remember it being red, green, yellow, beige, then blueberry blue, the color on my front door.  (used left over paint for that one)  I failed to get a photo before I started this project, but you can see the darker blue color here.

I had mixed some homemade chalk paint using leftover flat white ceiling paint, plaster of paris, and water.

I put one coat on, sanded the top and let it dry.  Then I painted another coat on, and once dry, I distressed it heavily as you can see below.

I had recently mixed up a light blue chalk paint using the same ingredients as above, but added some of the left over blueberry blue, then kept adding white until I got the shade I wanted.

I used my "homemade" fleur de lis stencil to draw the design on top.

Here it is in the master bedroom beside an old chair.  Notice the pharmacy lamp sitting on it.  Hubby had it before we married.

I had a hard time deciding where to place the little bench, but finally decided on this area in the bedroom.  I shopped the house to find items to use with the bench.  The lamp had not been used in a while but will get some use now.

I like how closely it now matches the chair and afghan, which wasn't planned at all.

By using items I already had, this project cost me nothing and my little bench now has a place of prominence.  It had been in the garage for a long time holding cans of dog food.   Now I can enjoy it again and that makes me happy!

All these parties will inspire you!!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Beauty by Accident

The other day while doing my daily "move things around" :), I happened to sit this urn with the faux greenery in the seat of this consignment chair.

When I started to pick it up to move to another area, I thought....hmmmm, I think I like it sitting in this chair.  

After all, the urn is white, the chair seat and back are white, and the brown wood on the chair blends well with the drapes in the dining room., So, I just left it there.

And, I think it is going to stay here.  I like it that well.  So I just photographed it, edited/enhanced the photos in Picasa, and now I'm sharing them with you!

Purely by accident, I created a little cozy corner in the dining room from a consignment shop chair and urn.  

Have you ever created a look you love without even trying?  Kinda fun isn't it?

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Recent Thrifty Finds

I found two wonderful items Sunday at the consignment shop.  This lamp was only $9.99.  I knew immediately that it would look good in the powder room.  

The urn in the picture is similar to the base of the lamp which looks like an urn. 

Cute, Huh?
I like the shape of the shade.

Another item I found is unusual.  I have never seen one, so at $4.99, I decided I would buy it.

It's an egg holder made from wire.  Isn't it pretty?  I placed tea lights in it instead.

It would be pretty holding eggs, but I like it with the tea lights. 

 I love the texture it brings to the tray vignette on the breakfast table.

Have you ever seen an egg holder like this?

A couple of weeks ago, I went to a community yard sale held in a large pavilion at the fair grounds.  I bought several items there and only spent $3.50.
I bought an empty picture frame that was already painted hunter green.  I used some of my home made chalk paint and lightened it up.
Here it is painted and distressed and with a little dark wax.

At first I was just going to use it as a back drop on the living room bookcases.  Then I had this idea!

I had chicken wire left from another project so I stapled some on the back of the frame, then used clothes pins to attach pictures of my family to it.

Later, I added the burlap bow.

I love having it in my office.  Total cost ( already had everything but the frame) $1.00

 A full roll of lace, (like on the cherub above) and the cherub (which also got a coat of chalk paint) were other items along with the frame that I bought for  a total of $2.50.

Then at another vendor's site, I purchased these for fifty cents each.
The necklace the pink cupid is wearing, and the earrings (new, still on the card), costume jewelry, but for fifty cents each, who cares?

On the day that I found the blue picnic basket, I also found this wooden box at an antique mall.

El Pinto is a brand of Salsa.  Isn't this a cute box?  This is in its original condition.  The yellow color was already on the wood.  I think I paid about five dollars for it.  

Here's another photo of the basket I found on the same day.

Oh, we can't forget the turquoise quail.

I think I've had good luck recently.  I have easily worked all my finds into the decor, so I'm happy. :)  All these items total about forty dollars!!

Hope you are finding some wonderful items too!

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Monday, July 23, 2012

A Cloche for Every Season

As you know Marty at A Stroll thru Life is having a cloche party.  These are always so much fun.  Thanks Marty, for hosting!  I almost always have cloches integrated into my decor in one way or another.  Hope you enjoy looking at some of the ways I use them and how they can be decorated for any season of the year. 


I made this pedestal from an odd an octagon shaped plate and candlestick I found at Habitat.  The cloche came from there too, and covered a dried floral item that had seen better days.  This currently holds one faux hydrangea.

This cloche covers three of my small angels.

SUN ROOM (Spring/Summer)
The above cloche/dome is etched and so fragile.  I bought it, the Limoge plate on which it sits, and the two roses underneath the dome for less than $3.00 at a thrift shop.  It is one of my favorites!

KITCHEN  (Autumn)
In the above photo, I merely turned a hurricane vase upside down over a fabric pumpkin, tied orange raffia around it to complete the autumn vignette.

LIVING ROOM (Spring/Summer)
Here the wire cloche holds a little bird bought at Cracker Barrel.  It holds a sign "Joy".




It is so much fun to use cloches in decor and change out the items displayed.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Easy Repurpose

Re-doing the "gun" cabinet netted me something neat to repurpose.  If you are familiar with gun cabinets, you know that they contain these notched gun supports, one near the top of the cabinet where the barrel rests, and one at the bottom where the butt of the gun sits.

Here are the ones removed from this cabinet.  They weren't glued or nailed in, so they came out very easily.

I knew I could use these for a crafty project I had in mind.  Here is how I repurposed the larger of the two.

First I painted it white with home made chalk paint.  Next I printed off a couple of graphics from the Graphics Fairy of course. Then I pulled my materials together (red paint, brush, stencil, etc.,) and this is what I came up with.

I painted and lightly distressed it, mod podged the labels on, stenciled the letters on,  then sloppily painted the letters with some craft paint so it would look old and worn.  I think I will sand it more, and add some dark wax.  Here are some other shots from it's perch in the laundry room on the cabinet top.

 This graphic shows a washtub with an old wringer attached.  

 The above graphic says "Everybody Loves Goodwill Soap" which I thought was appropriate.  

I really like how the sign turned out.  Y'all know I had to do some climbing, switching, and moving to decorate this cabinet.  Good thing I was still home alone.  (tee-hee)

I'm still thinking about how to paint the other board.  I'll be sure to show you when I decide. 

What do you think, a good use of this board???

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