Friday, July 13, 2012

The Aqua Grouse/Pheasant/Quail

Where to start?  I've had a fabulous week.  I've been home alone, since last Saturday.  Now, that may sound a little strange to some, but I love "me" time!  I just do!  Always have!!!!  I've done so many things.  I've gone shopping everyday some, and have found some neat things.  I'm a little on the frugal side, so I have to really want something to get it.  Well, guess I wanted quite a few things.  I've bought rugs for the bathrooms, the little blue basket I showed you last time, a neat wooden box (haven't shown it yet), cubbies, flower pots, yada, yada!  But I think I found my favorite little treasure today.  First I went to GW, rolled a couple of items around the store, put them back... drove to Michaels, bought some pretty paper, a piece of foam board for a little project I'll share at some point. Then it was on to Chic or Shabby. Heaven!!  I've posted about this store before.  They specialize in painted and distressed furniture!  Man, do these ladies know how to paint some furniture.  I mean really, it's fabulous.  They had some items today painted with aqua and highly distressed, that were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!  After oohing and aahhing for a while, I asked the price of an aqua pheasant (or whatever it is) I had seen in someone's display without a price on it.  The owner told me she thought the consignor wanted $12.95.  So I kinda "screwed up my face" and said oh well.  She said " Is that too much"?  I said that it was a little too much.  She asked me if I would pay $10 for it.  I thought a minute, and said yes.  So that little cutie was wrapped up and it rode with me all the way home.  

Here she sits on the table in the living room.

I know her little face looks a wee bit angry, but the color makes up for her mood right now.  :)

 Sitting there, all nonchalant.  I think she's a little shy.

Well, I'm not liking it on this pedestal.  So I remember something I saw in my hoard basement the other day, so I go down, grab a can of white paint, and spray this once black candle thingie.

There, much better.

How 'bout this lamp, you ask?
It came with the hubs.  In order to get the lamp, I had to take the owner!  (lol)  I think both are keepers!

That's the hubby and me in the picture there, on our wedding day in 2005. 

I'll be sharing lots of other stuff.  I'm just kinda slowing down since the hubby is coming home in the morning.  I need to act calm, and pretend I haven't done much of anything while he was away.  (He would have a heart attack if he knew how much climbing I've done, changing stuff around, rearranging, fluffing, lifting heavy objects, etc.).  He gets kinda nervous when I'm on a roll, (as I have been known to fall on occasion) and boy have I been on a roll!!  

Y'all have a great weekend, and party with me at:

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