Saturday, July 28, 2012

Beauty by Accident

The other day while doing my daily "move things around" :), I happened to sit this urn with the faux greenery in the seat of this consignment chair.

When I started to pick it up to move to another area, I thought....hmmmm, I think I like it sitting in this chair.  

After all, the urn is white, the chair seat and back are white, and the brown wood on the chair blends well with the drapes in the dining room., So, I just left it there.

And, I think it is going to stay here.  I like it that well.  So I just photographed it, edited/enhanced the photos in Picasa, and now I'm sharing them with you!

Purely by accident, I created a little cozy corner in the dining room from a consignment shop chair and urn.  

Have you ever created a look you love without even trying?  Kinda fun isn't it?

I'm linking to the parties at
Sunny Simple Life
Cozy Little House
Please be sure to visit and see what everyone has created!
Thanks to Donna, Elaine & Brenda for hosting!

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