Friday, July 20, 2012

Easy Repurpose

Re-doing the "gun" cabinet netted me something neat to repurpose.  If you are familiar with gun cabinets, you know that they contain these notched gun supports, one near the top of the cabinet where the barrel rests, and one at the bottom where the butt of the gun sits.

Here are the ones removed from this cabinet.  They weren't glued or nailed in, so they came out very easily.

I knew I could use these for a crafty project I had in mind.  Here is how I repurposed the larger of the two.

First I painted it white with home made chalk paint.  Next I printed off a couple of graphics from the Graphics Fairy of course. Then I pulled my materials together (red paint, brush, stencil, etc.,) and this is what I came up with.

I painted and lightly distressed it, mod podged the labels on, stenciled the letters on,  then sloppily painted the letters with some craft paint so it would look old and worn.  I think I will sand it more, and add some dark wax.  Here are some other shots from it's perch in the laundry room on the cabinet top.

 This graphic shows a washtub with an old wringer attached.  

 The above graphic says "Everybody Loves Goodwill Soap" which I thought was appropriate.  

I really like how the sign turned out.  Y'all know I had to do some climbing, switching, and moving to decorate this cabinet.  Good thing I was still home alone.  (tee-hee)

I'm still thinking about how to paint the other board.  I'll be sure to show you when I decide. 

What do you think, a good use of this board???

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