Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Eighty Dollar Office Makeover

My late husband (J) loved guns.  Especially high powered ones.  I do not like them.  He left them to our grandson in his will, and our grandson is not a gun person either.  I had kept them inside a huge cabinet we had built in the nineties by the local trade school cabinet builders class.  J had the cabinet built to store the guns in one side, and left the other side for me to decorate. After he passed away, I realized that I did not like having those guns where everyone could see them.  The doors are glass on the cabinet.  I had inserted a tension rod with panels on it to hide the guns, but had never been happy with the look.  Recently it was just "bugging" me terribly.  So I found a safe place to hide the guns in the house, and set about revamping the cabinet.  I went to Lowes and priced shelving, brackets, the whole works, and knew that would be quite a bit of work for me (remember I was home alone), so I kept looking and found these cubbies. 

They were priced $39.00 each, were the right size, and simple to assemble.  So I bought them and came home to work on my re-vamp project.  Here is the first cubbie once it was assembled, and set inside the cabinet.

I had planned to insert both cubbies inside the cabinet, but being alone, I could not maneuver them both at the same time.  So I changed plans slightly to this.  

I put the other cubbie beside the desk to hold the printer, files, etc. I may at some point get the hubs to help me place it inside the cabinet too, but for now, I'm fine with this.  This room has never been a favorite of mine, but I removed several pieces, revamped the cabinet, and corraled all the loose paperwork inside the canvas drawers in the cubbie, and am so much happier with it now.  It's on my list to have the room painted, the border removed, etc., but that will be later.   (The love seat makes a twin bed if needed).

You can see a before picture of the room at the following links:


The shot at the link below shows how I had the guns hidden before.


I am so much happier with fewer furniture pieces in the room, and having the ability to store items and decorate that side of the cabinet too!  Who doesn't love more places to decorate???!!!

I have my collection of decorating books in my new storage space.  Y'all know I need them where I can see them.  Right?

Photo on the left is my husband's parents, the one on the right is of my parents.

I was able to store my Mother in law's old clock, her oil lamp, my grandmother's oil lamp on top of the cubbie.  The item on the top left is an award my husband received from his company for driving over 2 million miles accident free.   I'm glad to be able to get these inside the cabinet.  They had been sitting on the ledge in front of the cabinet doors.  At some point I may have regular shelves installed, but for now I am pleased with this option.

Total cost of this office redo was $80.00.

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