Tuesday, July 31, 2012

No Cost Bench Project

Today I am sharing a little bench I bought from Habersham Plantations Furniture many years ago, probably 20 years.  When it was purchased, it was a country blue.  I think the shape of the bench is what drew me to it.  It has been all over the place since then, has been many different colors.  I remember it being red, green, yellow, beige, then blueberry blue, the color on my front door.  (used left over paint for that one)  I failed to get a photo before I started this project, but you can see the darker blue color here.

I had mixed some homemade chalk paint using leftover flat white ceiling paint, plaster of paris, and water.

I put one coat on, sanded the top and let it dry.  Then I painted another coat on, and once dry, I distressed it heavily as you can see below.

I had recently mixed up a light blue chalk paint using the same ingredients as above, but added some of the left over blueberry blue, then kept adding white until I got the shade I wanted.

I used my "homemade" fleur de lis stencil to draw the design on top.

Here it is in the master bedroom beside an old chair.  Notice the pharmacy lamp sitting on it.  Hubby had it before we married.

I had a hard time deciding where to place the little bench, but finally decided on this area in the bedroom.  I shopped the house to find items to use with the bench.  The lamp had not been used in a while but will get some use now.

I like how closely it now matches the chair and afghan, which wasn't planned at all.

By using items I already had, this project cost me nothing and my little bench now has a place of prominence.  It had been in the garage for a long time holding cans of dog food.   Now I can enjoy it again and that makes me happy!

All these parties will inspire you!!

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