Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Harvest Colors at the Lake Home

We just returned today from the lake home. After I did a few house chores the other morning, I gathered a few items together for a fall tablescape.  Of course, it is sweltering hot here but it's nice and cool inside.  As I have shared before, many of the items here are old and belonged to my MIL.  She lived for many years on the same property where we now have a home.  The placemats, dishes, glasses, tray, vase, and stainless were hers. The flowers are new from the Dollar Tree ($4.00).  My hand just reached out and grabbed these of its own volition.  I thought I had a wreath here and had planned to "update" it, but I haven't found it.  Anyway, here is a photo of the table I set using what was available. 

  The rooster on the tray was a consignment find some months ago.  The Ball jar holds a piece of burlap that I stenciled with orange paint and some extra tea light candles.  The wooden pineapple begs for a coat of white, but I haven't done that yet.  The tray was a tarnished metal one that I spray painted a few months ago.  You've seen the hobnail vase on several occasions.

Don't these just scream fall??  

The dishes continue the browns and rust colors.  They are Cumberland Mayblossum.   The stainless is old, but I like the pattern. 

These glasses look vintage to me, and I'm fairly sure they are.  They have a leaf motif, and blend well with the other colors.

I removed everything on the hutch to polish it, and used the opportunity to purge some of the items, and change the look somewhat.  
I placed some blue enamel ware on top of the hutch, and added the corning ware with the blue roosters to the top as well.  
Notice the vintage green vinegar bottle.  The shelf with the large plate holds an old flour sifter, a pie dish, a jar of tarnished silverware, and a marble rolling pin.

I gathered two more rolling pins, an old potato masher, and some old funnels together in this basket and placed them beside the bowls.

 I like the Baking/Cooking theme I have created in the hutch. 

Here you can see the kitchen step stool I rescued from an outdoor building we were giving to a neighbor.  My MIL used it for years.  It got a couple coats of Heirloom White.  Just a simple setting, but so colorful!!

Have you started your Fall decorating?  I think I'm trying to rush in the cool weather.   Needless to say, I haven't started Autumn decorating at the mountain home yet...maybe in a couple of weeks. 

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Monday, August 27, 2012

"Office" Reveal at Lake Home

The desk area at the lake home is an area in the kitchen/dining area.  This room is multi-functional.  Not only is it the kitchen, but the eating area, the laundry area, and the "office" area.  The home is only 1100+ square feet, and every foot is put to good use.

The desk area has a set of cabinets above it where seldom used items are stored.  The cabinet doors have leaded glass.

The desk organizer was purchased at a consignment shop.  I've used it to hold books, magazines, as a planter to hold several pots, etc.  I thought why not use it here.  I've laid it on it's side in an attempt to hide the cords required for the internet, phone, and tv services.  The box with the flowers is an attempt at hiding the bulky plug adapter.  

Here I stenciled our street address in aqua onto burlap, covered the back of the frame with contact paper left over from my bookshelf project, and framed it to hang above the desk.  (No cost project)

This is a closeup of the lamp base.  The lamp was a ten dollar purchase at a nearby discount store.

I like the design above which is a closeup of the box hiding the plug-in.

This picture hangs above the desk.   

Well, there's our "office" at the lake.   I'd like to say that is where I blog, but not so!  I sit on the comfy love seat with my feet propped up and type away.  :)

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Door Backdrop & Cloche Centerpiece

When our home was built in 2000, there were two bi-fold type doors left in the basement.  They do not match.  I have always wanted to find a use for them, and thought about trying to find a third one and making a screen.  Recently I painted one of them with home made chalk paint (white).  I didn't do anything else to it.  I finally brought it upstairs and found a little nook for it. 

 I propped it behind a small table I had sitting in the corner of the dining room, added my recently made burlap wreath, and hung this tiny embroidered pillow on it.

I'm thinking I will distress it and use some ASCP dark wax on it. 

Another free project!  

I also changed the centerpiece on the dining room table.  I recently bought this runner in its soft pastels.  The cake plate is a purchase from several years ago.   It echoes the blue and pink of the runner.

I kept the white candlesticks which were originally hunter green.

I chose not to put anything under the cloche except the plate, and let the rose be the center of attention.

Have you created any free projects recently?

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Collections Etcetera

I'm sharing some of my favorite collections with you today.  I have a small collection of milk glass and white dishware.

 Good Will tea pot and dish on the left.  The dish on the right is from a chip/dip set from K Mart.

I believe both of these are consignment finds.

This milk glass/hob nail vase belonged to my MIL.

Some favorite crystal, some gifts, some from consignment shops.  I love the sparkle.

A lovely glass angel collection.  These are all from a former boss.  I treasure them so much.

More angels. (gifts)

These are gifts also.

Belonged to my MIL.

Vintage hankies inside stemware.

Here you can see some of my Mom's vintage handkerchiefs.  

 Collection of fairies.
These two little fairies are sitting beside an antique lamp. 

These are a few of my collections.  Hope you enjoyed!

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Few Thrifty Finds

There were lots of sales a few Saturdays ago, so I made the rounds.  A large group of people had a sale at the local fairgrounds, under a pavilion complete with large industrial fans (comfort is important you know).  There were probably 25 or more separate sales areas in the pavilion so you could just walk thru one after the other.  Of course I don't need any more stuff, so I did restrain myself from buying.  There were a few items that I thought I could use for projects, so I spent three whole dollars at this sale.  There were some great items, but really,  I don't need anything.  At any rate these are the items I bought, and what I did with them.

A hunter green frame ($1.00)

I had already painted it with homemade chalk paint before I remembered the camera, but imagine solid dark hunter green.  I finished it up today by putting some ASCP dark stain on it and wiping it off, then putting some more of the chalk paint on it.  I was sitting here and had a light bulb moment.....I had leftover chicken wire in the basement, so here is the completed project!

Kinda cute, huh?

I quickly grabbed photos of my family and clipped them to the wire, and leaned it on my desk in the office.  I'm eventually going to go through some photos for some old black and white ones, and add to it.  This project cost me a dollar.

I also bought a couple more things.

This little broken necklace was fifty cents, and I knew immediately that it would look cute on this precious little pink cherub.

 It's a perfect fit for her.

I bought the cherub below. She was a brassy color.  A quick spray with white paint, and she looks so sweet.  I did not want the paint to be perfect.  You can see some of the brassy color.

I bought this full roll of lace for 50 cents.

My other item netted me a fourteen dollar savings.

Fifty cents, new still on the card.

Then at another sale to benefit the Boy Scouts, I bought these delicious organic tomatoes.  They had a wonderful flavor.

  So for five dollars and fifty cents, I think I did great.
What have you bought lately!

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Thrifty Bookcase Makeover

About a year ago, I was working on a photo gallery area at the lake home. There is an area about 7x7 between the living room, and the hall bath. I bought a really inexpensive ($20.00) bookcase to use there to hold family photos. I hurriedly placed photos on it, and didn't think much about it.   The last time we were at the lake, I was sitting there looking at how badly it looked, wondering what I could do to spruce it up a little.  It had all colors/types of picture frames -red, pink floral, wood, brass, you name it!   I remembered seeing adhesive shelf liner at the Dollar General the day before.  So I made a quick trip back there, and bought one 9 ft. roll for less than $3.00.  I know this is not an original idea and has been done by lots of people, but I wanted to show you anyway.  

First, I emptied out all the photos, pulled out the shelves, measured, and cut the paper to fit inside the bookcase.  I also took all the photos out of the frames and washed the glass from them, laid the frames on a drop cloth outside, and spray painted all the frames white. (I already had the paint). 

See how plain this looks?

See what I mean?

Just a hodge podge of photo frames!

With everything out.

The back of the bookcase is card board.  That tells you that it's not "fine furniture".

Here it is with the paper inside.  I used  white thumb tacks to hold the paper in place.  (Easy "out" if I don't like it).


Here is the final product.  I think the paper gives it a little life, a little personality!!

The white frames look much better also.

 Easy makeover for the price of a roll of shelf paper, less than three dollars.  I can live with it a little longer now.....maybe!  :)

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