Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Few Thrifty Finds

There were lots of sales a few Saturdays ago, so I made the rounds.  A large group of people had a sale at the local fairgrounds, under a pavilion complete with large industrial fans (comfort is important you know).  There were probably 25 or more separate sales areas in the pavilion so you could just walk thru one after the other.  Of course I don't need any more stuff, so I did restrain myself from buying.  There were a few items that I thought I could use for projects, so I spent three whole dollars at this sale.  There were some great items, but really,  I don't need anything.  At any rate these are the items I bought, and what I did with them.

A hunter green frame ($1.00)

I had already painted it with homemade chalk paint before I remembered the camera, but imagine solid dark hunter green.  I finished it up today by putting some ASCP dark stain on it and wiping it off, then putting some more of the chalk paint on it.  I was sitting here and had a light bulb moment.....I had leftover chicken wire in the basement, so here is the completed project!

Kinda cute, huh?

I quickly grabbed photos of my family and clipped them to the wire, and leaned it on my desk in the office.  I'm eventually going to go through some photos for some old black and white ones, and add to it.  This project cost me a dollar.

I also bought a couple more things.

This little broken necklace was fifty cents, and I knew immediately that it would look cute on this precious little pink cherub.

 It's a perfect fit for her.

I bought the cherub below. She was a brassy color.  A quick spray with white paint, and she looks so sweet.  I did not want the paint to be perfect.  You can see some of the brassy color.

I bought this full roll of lace for 50 cents.

My other item netted me a fourteen dollar savings.

Fifty cents, new still on the card.

Then at another sale to benefit the Boy Scouts, I bought these delicious organic tomatoes.  They had a wonderful flavor.

  So for five dollars and fifty cents, I think I did great.
What have you bought lately!

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