Thursday, August 16, 2012

Easy Burlap Wreath

I recently saw this wreath on Kate's Place blog, and at Top This, Top That.  It is a very easy wreath to make.  You need the green wire/metal wreath form available at craft stores and a roll of burlap garland (sold at Michael's).  For my wreath I used a 12" form, but they also come in 18", and maybe even bigger.  For the 12" form I used 1 roll or 10 yards of burlap garland.  This entire project (including the flower I made) cost me around $8.00.  

All you do is loop the garland through the metal form. I made a loop and inserted it from the bottom of the form up through the inside wire, and then did the same inside the outside wire.  I just did that all the way around.  I wanted some kind of accessory on the wreath.

At first I put a bird and a small nest on it but it didn't show up enough.

The bird and nest barely are visible.  
It's cute, especially with the bird hook I hung it on, but still not quite right.

I looked through my craft basket, and came up with a roll of light pink wired ribbon.  I simply started rolling it into sort of a rosette shape, and at the part that I wanted to be the bottom of the flower, I "gathered" the ribbon, by making a tiny overlap.  This held well because of the wire in the ribbon.  Here is the wreath with my home made flower.

The rosette.

The flower is held on by safety pins.  I think it's kinda pretty!  I like the satin texture of the ribbon against the roughness of the burlap.

For now it hangs on the wall in the dining room.

On another note, guess who started Kindergarten today?

My beautiful granddaughter, Rheagan.
Here she is all ready for the big day.

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